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Teresa Cutter was my introduction to better nutrition and my eye-opener to a healthier life! I am so looking forward to reading and using my new 'healthy baking' e-book.
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    • Sandra: I have read your books and enjoy your recipes and tips. I exercise 5 times a week and eat a low carb diet. I...
    • Teresa Cutter: HI Amy we have a magnificent Organic Pea Protein which is perfect for you. I’ve removed all the...
    • Chris: Thanks for the great info Teresa. I’ve never added veges to my smoothies as yet so just wondering when...
    • Amy: Hi Teresa, I am trying to increase the protein in my diet but I am intolerant to dairy (even lactose free),...
    • Teresa Cutter: You need to peel the mango first Margot before blending. You remove the skin and then blend the flesh...
    • Margot: Hi Teresa I’ve just received my Healthy Baking book. The recipe for golden custard is a bit unclear...