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Thank you, Teresa, for providing such an immensely qualitative product that not only improves performance but also provides nourishment and confidence to those who have been affected by disease and injury. I have such joy in recommending it and using it.
  • Latest Comments

    • Teresa Cutter: Hi Fiona I use the leftover pulp for baking breads, cookies, make into breadcrumbs etc etc…T:)
    • Fiona: Hi Teresa What do you do with your leftover nut/seed meal for the mylks that need straining?
    • Kristina Vikman: Lovely article! Great reading :)
    • Gem: I just made this with coconut milk and stevia, perfect! Thank you
    • Teresa Cutter: Currently I’m just using oil garden blend. T:) x
    • Angela: Hi Teresa, Could you please tell me if your protein and superfood powders are safe for pregnancy and...