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Teresa, your products have honestly changed my life. I have suffered from digestive issues for most of my adult life and every single product I have tried has been so gentle and nourishing. They are so delicious and you can taste the quality. I will continue to purchase and looking forward to what you will bring out in 2018!
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    • Teresa Cutter: the green tea extract component of our superfood is extremely low. This is not like drinking a cup of...
    • Lara: Hi Carla, I’m allergic to preservatives (sulphates, sulphites, benzoates, msg, flavour enhancers etc) and...
    • carla: if i’m allergic to sulfa and sulfites…would I have a reaction to this because of the amino acid list...
    • Helen Howard: I made the crackers using about 1 cup of almond meal, spread it out on a cookie sheet, and baked for 25...
    • Teresa Cutter: Hi Val once a day for general wellbeing and twice a day if you’re feeling a little run down.
    • Val: How often should you drink this? It’s delicious by the way.