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I have just purchased your Marine Collagen and again a big thank you! You said it was tasteless and it 100% is! I have tried a different brand of marine collagen who claimed to be tasteless, I spent so much money only to find out it had a quite unpleasant taste.
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    • MacDenice: Can i make a juice combined with all those things you mentioned and will it function as how it’s...
    • Teresa Cutter: yes of course….it’s designed to be used hot or cold and it our Turmeric Latte blend makes...
    • Sandi: Can u use the turmeric in a cold smoothie?
    • Teresa Cutter: working on it :)
    • Teresa Cutter: Hi Lisa, It’s always best to check with your health practitioner on adding supplements to your...
    • Lisa: Hi Teresa, Is the marine collagen safe to use whilst pregnant? I use your protein, matcha & superfoods...