“Simplicity is our secret.
Nature is our source.
Drink tea and become
one with nature.”

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Hi Teresa,
Just finished my first vanilla protein tub. Absolutely love it! Thanks so much for developing such a great product.
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    • Vanessa: great, thank you! just making them for the second time – so great, they are healthy and taste...
    • Hannah: Hi, have you ever used Silverbeet instead of baby spinach? Thanks
    • Astrid Stark: I use oat milk for my dairy free custards and they turn out delicious! I find that both soy and rice...
    • Teresa Cutter: Hi Sarah, fresh is always the best, I suggest either grading it really really finely or using a mortar...
    • Teresa Cutter: Yes you can Caroline, up to 3 months in air tight container. Tx
    • Teresa Cutter: Hi Vanessa, will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days, best to store in an air tight container. Enjoy Tx