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I love your Naked Chocolat. I have a mug after a gym class or yoga, mixed with home made almond milk, a sprinkle of turmeric, a dash of vanilla and a little cinnamon. Thank you.
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    • Teresa Cutter: Hi Lisa, thanks for getting in touch, Natural is flavour Neutral so you can easily added to any...
    • Lisa: Hi Teresa, I am wondering if the ‘Natural’ flavour has a taste? I would like to include it in my...
    • Teresa Cutter: Yes it is safe for children, I would use 1/4 of the recommended serving but best to check with your...
    • Susanne: Absolutely delicious and so easy to make. I will never buy store bought jam again.
    • DiPW: At a last, a tomato sauce that doesn’t have you up to your elbows, trying to remove the seeds! Thank you!!
    • Aaron: Hello Teresa, Thanks for sharing this useful information here. I really found this post very interesting....