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I would like to say how much I enjoy your products and the Purely Delicious book. I have also encouraged my son and his wife to try some of the recipes and their little one is enjoying some of the smoothies from the book. Thank you again!
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    • Teresa Cutter: Just a couple of hours in the fridge Fleur, enjoy :) Tx
    • marlene: Hi Teresa, love your recipes! I think you cracked it….the overall holistic approach you taking!!! Btw...
    • nonally: How to make stiff or stable chocolate ganache for cup cakes
    • Fleur: How long do they take to set?
    • Shannyn schriber: Heat up oil in pan at a medium temp. Chop onions however you would like them. Sauté in oil. Or you...
    • Teresa Cutter: What a lovely idea Pauline, it will freeze ok. Tx