Almond Crusted Chicken Schnitzel

I love using nuts and nut meals in a lot of the recipes I design.  Almond meal is the perfect flour replacement for those on gluten free, sugar free, low GI and low carb diets.

When I was a little girl my Polish  grandmother used to make me chicken schnitzel at least once a week as it was one of my favorite meals.  She would lightly coat thin pieces of the chicken breast with a little arrowroot or corn flour then dip into lightly beaten organic eggs followed by wholemeal breadcrumbs and then cook them in her cast iron pan with a little olive oil until golden and crisp.  My version is similar to my grandmothers, but in place of wholemeal bread crumbs I’ve used ground almonds mixed with a hint on lemon and parsley.  This version lowers the carb content, increases the nutrients including Vitamin E, protein  and fiber and makes it gluten free.  Serve with steamed green vegetables and a good squeeze of lemon and enjoy.

I hope you enjoy one of my favorite meals as much as I do and don’t forget when buying nuts and nut meals,  make sure to buy the unsalted natural variety and store them in the fridge to keep them fresh.



Serves 4

2 organic chicken breast fillets ( sliced in half widthways )
1 tablespoon arrowroot
1 organic / free range egg beaten
1 cup ground almonds
2 lemons
2 tablespoons parsley chopped
Steamed green broccoli to serve

In a bowl, combine almonds, the zest of 1 lemon and parsley.

Lightly coat the chicken breast in the arrowroot then dip into the egg mix followed by the almond mix.  You should have 4 lovely pieces of lean chicken, coated in a lovely almond crumb.  Cook over a low to medium heat in a pan using 1 tablespoon olive oil until lightly golden and chicken is cooked through.  Serve alongside steamed green vegetables with a squeeze of lemon and enjoy.

NB: also lovely with a side of Napolitana.

Protein: 39 g
Carbs: 1.4 g
total fat: 24 g
saturated fat: 4.1 g
kilojoules: 1610
Calories: 386

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47 Responses to “Almond Crusted Chicken Schnitzel”
  1. kristy says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Would this still work by substituting the chicken for a fillet of white fish or even salmon?

    kristy :)

    • Yes Kristy Definately. you can substitute the chicken for fish – it makes an amazing crumb and goes with just about anything. Cook over a nice low to medium heat in a little olive oil or grape seed oil. X

    • Kirsty says:

      Hi these look amazing and I have been told they are. I want to try them but have a sensitivity to almonds. Is there a subsitute nutmeg I can use, please

  2. Karen says:

    My clients and I all LOVE your recipes. This is on my menu tonight. I sent you an email about cooking classes for my clients but so far haven’t got a response?

    Karen Reedman

    Fit and Firm

  3. Jenny says:

    Teresa, is it necessary to use the arrowroot. Would it work without flour, do you think? If flour is necessary what else could i use other than corn or wheat?

    • Hi Jenny, dusting the chicken in either a gluten free corn flour, rice flour, tapioca or arrowroot which is a herb works best for this recipe. You can however dip the chicken in egg and almond meal an omit the first coating, however you need to be extra careful when cooking as the crumb won’t adhere as well. Cook over a low heat and turn only once so as not to disturb the lovely golden crumb. Happy Cooking !x

  4. Kahlia says:

    Hey Hun,
    Are you crushing your own almonds or is almond meal ok ? Im guessing almond meal is to fine?

  5. Sharny says:

    what do you suggested for my husband who can’t have nuts and is also on gluten free, sugar free, low GI and low carb diet? Thanks Sharn x

    • To make this schnitzel if you have a nut allergy…I would use a good quality gluten free / nut free bread then place into a food processor to make breadcrumbs….also you can use a good brown rice flour to coat your schnitzel or better still actually coating the chicken breast in plenty of chopped garden herbs like parsley, thyme and lemon zest is the perfect answer..then cook over a low heat until tender.

    • Sharny, use sunflower seed or sesame seed crumb mixed with fresh chopped parsely and lemon zest. Coconut flour also works. :)

  6. Chloe says:

    My Husband loves Chicken schnitzel (the deep fried kind) I’m going to cook this for him, I hope he will like it! It looks good to me :)

  7. Christine says:

    I can’t wait to try out your recipes! However I was wondering if you could tell me what the calorie count on this would be? Thanks

  8. Kyle Martin says:

    Sounds like a great recipie, cant wait to make it.

  9. Freya says:

    Is it possible to do a vegetarian version? For example, with tofu? If so, do you know which type of tofu would work best?

    • Hey Freya – yes just buy a good firm organic tofu – i sometimes get a lovely smoked organic version. Coat first in arrowroot or a gluten free corn flour, then in egg wash, followed by almond crumb. You can mix almond crumb with parsely and lemon zest. Cook as per instructions and serve with lemon and green vegetables or salad. :)

  10. Pam says:

    Hi Teresa
    I am a runner looking at improving my diet and that of my family, and have recently discovered your website. I made this recipe last night (with a combo of almond and hazelnut meal as I didn’t have enough almonds) and it was a massive hit. I was amazed at how tasty it was given the simplicity of the coating. It’s definitely going on my regulars list!

  11. LIsbeth says:

    All your recipes I’ve tried so far are so easy to cook and turn out so tasty! This one was no exception.

  12. Mariella says:

    hi Teresa, would you be able to cook the chicken in the oven instead of in the pan and if you can, what temperature and for how long?

    • Yes you can. However you’ll need to either brown quickly in a pan first using a little olive oil then finish off in the oven 180 C 15 minutes….or brush with a little olive oil before you bake so that the crust gets lovely and golden. Approx 20 minutes 180 C. preheat oven for 30 minutes first…. :)

  13. Rebecca says:

    Hi Teresa,
    My son can’t have egg. Can you suggest a replacement?

  14. Melissa says:

    Another great recipe…tasty! I had mine with sweet potato mash on the side as well :)

  15. Shelley says:

    I just made this for dinner, it was the most amazing tasting chicken ever. My husband thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for all your recipes, I’m working my way through them. Cinnamon roasted sweet potato is also a big hit.

  16. Kristina says:

    These were great Teresa. I did a double batch, the chicken I butterflied, then tenderised with a meant mallet a bit, then cut into strips ( I was feeding kids). Because there was a lot of chicken I chose to oven bake these morsels and they turned out great, no extra oil or anything added, just baked at 180 for about 30 mins, turning the pieces half way. Thanks for this, even my fussy meat ‘allergic’ son ate some :)

    • Michelle says:

      hi Teresa,

      my sisters have directed me to you. I’m excited by your recipes and made the veg lasagne last week. tomorrow I will try your scrambled eggs.

      I have today purchased ingredients for both your chicken schnitzel and pea fritter recipes. just wondering if it is ok to freeze:
      (1) the schnitzel either before cooking and/or after cooking?
      (2) the cooked pea fritters?

      kind regards, Michelle.

  17. Olga says:

    Hi Teresa. I just want to say a big thank you for your recipes. I am Polish like you and have been looking for healthy ways of eating the Polish food that I grew up eating. I haven’t made chicken schnitzel for years and made it for the first time tonight. It was a big hit!! Finally someone who makes healthy food that is not complicated, so many people promoting a healthy lifestyles create really complicated recipes with obscure and expensive ingredients. I really appreciate the “realness” of your food. Thank you again!!

  18. Clare says:

    I just wanted to say that I think your recipes are superb, thanks for putting them on line. I made this last night and it was fabulous! Just thought you should know that us Brits appreciate your work!!

  19. Suse says:

    Yum! This was delicious and such a great healthy alternative to the regular schnitzel I’m used to. I will definitely make this again! Thank you

  20. Megan says:

    Hi Teresa,
    Can’t wait to try this tonight – where would I find the Napolitana recipe?

  21. Andrea says:

    Hi I made these tonight for my father and he loved them, I am new to the website and have shared with friends definitely trying the blueberry pancakes this weekend.

  22. Wendi Overall says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you … ( And thanks to the client of mine for pointing me in the direction of your website.) I have a wheat problem and it’s been probably 20 years since I ate a schnitzel. My partner will be so happy when he gets home from working away to find a whole load of delicious recipes that are safe for me and hearty , healthy and tasty for him. LOVE your work.

  23. Sarah says:

    Hi Teresa..
    Thank you for all your wonderful recipes it is great to find you as my health goals contine for 2014. This might be a silly question but is the calories for the total serve of 4?

  24. Sarah says:

    Would you be able to bake this in the oven rather than in a pan?


  25. Misty B. says:

    I am currently on a low carb eating regime, carbs and I just do not get along.. Shnitzel is one of my Honeys faves but I can not make them using breadcrumbs so seeked out a healthier version… So happy I stumbled upon this recipe… I used Tapioca flour first, egg and then dredged through a mixture of almond flour, fresh chopped curly parsley, dill and basil from my garden, sweet oil smoked paprika, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper… It was amazing and will def. be the recipe I use to make schnitzel from now on.. Thanks :)

  26. Catherine says:

    Absolutely delicious, and a big hit with the family……just like all of your recipes! Thank you!

  27. Megan says:

    Thanks for a great recipe. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did – I was worried that the almond flavour would be overpowering, but it was delicious!

  28. Sophie says:

    Hi Teresa,
    Made this tonight after looking on your site for some inspiration for tonight’s supper.
    Absolutely delicious. As recommended, I served it with your napolitana sauce and some green veggies. So chuffed – definitely a crowd pleaser and one I’ll be producing again and again :) Thanks! x

  29. Simone says:

    You’re a legend Teresa. Doing great things for our health. Will be whipping this up tonight! X

  30. Tracy says:

    I just made this for dinner tonight to go with your cauliflower mash and steamed greens. The chicken is fantastic – I used potato startch to coat the chicken, then egg then almond meal. I added bbq seasoning (didnt have fresh herbs), pepper and a dash of smoked salt to the almond meal…. OMG – I think I just discovered the ‘secret’ to fried chicken….So so good…..

  31. Kirsty says:

    Hi just wondering if there was an alternative to the almond meal?? I really want to try this receipe but I’m sensitive to almonds. Thanks

    • Yes for sure – there is always an alternative to any recipe..use wholemeal sourdough bread crumbs you’ve made yourself or for gluten free use a lovely white polenta which is delicious. T:)

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