Seaforth Public School Kitchen Garden Project

Seaforth Public School to Build Kitchen Garden to Develop Minds, Bodies, Futures & Community

I’m proud to be involved in the Seaforth Public School Kitchen Garden Program.  The project will involve the construction of a purpose built teaching kitchen and organic food garden and the implementation of specialist classes in the kitchen and the garden.  The school is still  awaiting on grant approval which should take a few months before commencement of the project. 

As part of the garden design process Costa Georgiadis, (Australian sustainable gardening guru, landscape architect & host of SBS Costa’s Garden Odyssey), will be conducting workshops with children at the school on Thursday 7 April. Costa will introduce the children to the concept of sustainable gardening and inspire the creation of a unique garden.

Through the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, Australian school children are experiencing a revolutionary approach to food education that focuses on pleasure, flavour and fun. Children are getting their hands dirty & learning how to GROW, HARVEST, PREPARE and SHARE fresh, seasonal food using organic produce from their gardens.

“The Kitchen Garden Program connects students with the land, helps them understand what it is to nurture the soil and the seeds they plant in it, to live sustainably and to take responsibility for their own wellbeing.”

(Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation).

This is an incredible opportunity to bring good food into the curriculum and culture of the school and for the children to develop the skills and experiences necessary for developing life-long healthy eating habits.

Seaforth Public School plans to commence construction of their food garden and teaching kitchen on the school grounds upon receipt of the grant, sometime after August 2011. Once the program is operational in 2012, it will provide kitchen and garden classes as part of the school curriculum, under the guidance of specialist staff, to over 150 grade 3 & 4 children each year and offer classes and involvement to many community groups and individuals.


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