Really Cool Iced Tea

I’ve been experimenting with different iced tea recipes for my cafe to serve over Summer. We use the T2 brand at the healthy chef  and I’ve been salivating over some of there gorgeous flavours  such as Strawberries + Cream, Madagascan Vanilla or Buddhas Tears which makes the most amazing jasmine scented green tea.

We had a heat wave in Sydney today which inspired me to make this Cool Iced tea.  The secret is to brew it at least 4 hours before you need it or the day before. You can choose to have it natural – that is unsweetened and just lightly scented with a hint of lemon or lime then poured over ice in a tall glass.   If you like your tea a little sweeter then you can do a few exciting things like combine black tea with cinnamon and an equal quantity of apple juice.  I also love a tall glass of icey cold tea served with freshly squeezed lime juice and  then topped with lime or lemon sorbet to add sweetness as it begins to melt. For my cafe, I love the idea of strawberries + cream scented with orange blossom and topped with a lovely coconut or citrus sorbet.  Make a few liters, keep in the fridge and enjoy.

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2 English breakfast or Orange Pekoe tea bags
1 litre water, boiling
orange flower water (few drops)
1 lime
Plenty of crushed ice to serve
200 g Lime or lemon sorbet to serve
fresh mint garnish

Place the tea bags in a large heatproof bowl. Pour over the boiling water and allow to steep for 5-10 minutes, then discard the tea bags.
Allow to cool in the fridge.
Add a few drops of orange flower water to the tea and have a taste to make sure you have the lovely scent of orange.
Pour into long tall glasses filled with crushed ice.  Add a squeeze of lime and top with lime or lemon sorbet if using.
Serve and enjoy.


Protein: 0.6 g
Carbs: 10.1 g
Total fat: 0.3 g
Calories: 45 calories

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3 Responses to “Really Cool Iced Tea”
  1. Sophie says:

    Hi Teresa,

    On this stinking hot day in Sydney I am making your iced tea. What is your lime sorbet recipe? I have done a search and everyone I find is high in sugar, any ideas?


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