Muesli Power Bars


Muesli Bar Healthy Chef

When that mid morning or afternoon hunger sets in, make sure you’re prepared with the right emergency foods to help keep you on the right track. Fresh fruit, trail mix or yoghurt make a terrific snack and so do these delicious home-made muesli bars that will take the edge off any hunger and are much healthier than the traditional store bought versions. These bars take around 5 minutes to mix up from your favourite bircher muesli combo then all you need to do is bake them. Like most muesli bars,  I’ve made mine with rolled oats. The soluble fiber can help lower blood cholesterol and because they are low GI, they  can provide lasting energy.  If you’re on a gluten free or paleo diet just substitute the oats for nuts, seeds and sun-dried fruit. My muesli bars provide a good source of protein to help keep you fuller for longer and I’ve used  a little olive oil which is kind to the arteries and anti-inflammatory to the body.

3 cups (350g) natural bircher muesli (see notes for gluten free )
½ cup (50g) LSA – (ground linseed + almonds + sunflower seed)
3 organic eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract or paste
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 cup (60 ml)  olive oil or macadamia nut oil
1/4 cup (60 ml) honey

Preheat oven to 160 C. fan forced.
Combine muesli, LSA, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, olive oil and honey in one large bowl until mixed through.
Spoon into a baking tin lined with baking paper.
Bake for 25 – 30 minutes until golden.
Cool then cut into 16 pieces.

 - For gluten free or paleo diets substitute bircher muesli with 3 cups combined  (almond meal, seeds, walnuts + sun-dried dried fruit).
- Double the protein and add 2 tablespoons Healthy Chef Pure Protein
- For those with egg allergies, replace with mashed banana in the recipe.
- These bars will keep in an airtight container for up to 5 days.
- Store in the fridge.

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78 Responses to “Muesli Power Bars”
  1. caitlin says:

    Looks delicious!, just wondering f you recommend any vanilla extract brands? and is it just pure 100% vanilla?

  2. Diana says:

    Looks so easy and yummy. What could you substitute for egg?
    Thanks for your wonderful recipe posts, I love receiving them.

    • Kim says:

      2 or 3 mashed or blended bananas can substitute for eggs, but I wonder if blended pears would work? Successfully made a double batch, just higher in the baking dish and saves on gas.

    • Stephie says:

      These are delicious.
      I substituted 1 egg with 1 tblsp flaxseed and 3 hot water, I then blended that with the other wet ingredients and added 2 eggs only (I was worried it would be to eggy otherwise). I was happy with the result and would do it this way again.

    • Anna says:

      Ground flaxseed with a little bit of psyllium husks works well as an egg substitute.its even good in gluten free baking in place of guar and xanthum gum.

  3. Jasmine says:

    These sound great; how long would they keep for? would you put them in an airtight container and refrigerate?

    Thanks :)

  4. rebecca says:


    Is there any substitute for the eggs? My son is egg intolerant. Thanks.

    • Hi Rebecca and Diana ! I haven’t tested them without eggs, but am very sure they will be great using smashed banana to replace them. Bananas are a great replacement for eggs in baking recipes and the linseeds in the LSA will help them bind too. Let me know how you go. :)

  5. Jeannine says:

    Hi, this looks delicious, just wondering if it would be suitable to freeze after baking? Thanks

  6. Danielle says:

    Thanks Teresa,

    Just in time for back to school lunches! Do you have any more healthy, preferably nut free (school policy) recipes, for lunch boxes?


  7. Audrey says:

    Love your recipes so yummy. Pardon my ignorance but what is LSA?

    • Kellie says:

      LSA is ground Linseeds, Sunflour seeds and Almonds. You can buy them at the supermarket or make your own :-D I sprinle LSA on lots of things from cereal and porridge to toast with avacado.

  8. Paloma says:

    These bars look really good! I’ve been searching for a healthy recipe to make instead of the flapjacks I normally make with butter and sugar. When you say 50g LSA, is that a mixture of linseed, seeds and almonds? Can I substitute the olive oil for another kind of oil?


    • Hi Paloma, take a read of my notes at the bottom of the recipe reguarding LSA. you can use another oil if you prefer. Another good one to use is almond oil or macadamia nut oil :)

  9. Jodie says:

    What is LSA

  10. Peta says:

    I made this yesterday and my 2 girls love them. They were so quick to make and extremely yummy. Thanks Teresa :)

  11. Bronwyn says:

    My 11 year old son made these all by himself. Very quick, easy and tasty. Thanks.

  12. Kristine says:

    Hi, have only just discovered The
    Healthy Chef website and I think it is
    great! All the recipes have cooked so far have
    been easy and turned out delicious.
    I love how you list fat and protein content etc.
    Only think I would love you to consider
    in the future is to list your sugar content too perhaps ?
    Look forward to future recipes and tips !

  13. meg malone says:

    Teresa c an you buy ready made bircher muesli cheers meg.

  14. Liss says:

    Hi Teresa,
    Just wondering if I could replace the sun-dried dried fruit with something or leave it out altogether for the gluten free option for the Bircher that you mentioned at the bottom of your recipe?
    Thanks in advance!

  15. Bronwyn says:

    Yummy, made this again!!

  16. Jodi says:

    Just finished making this slice. So simple to make and tasted great. I love coconut so will add some next time for a lil twist on your recipe Teresa.

  17. kerrie says:

    Hi I love your recipes and although my kids love to snack on raw nuts and almond meal and I often include them in slice and biscuits they are not able to take them to school because most schools are nut free due to allergies. Is there a nice healthy treat you can suggest for the school lunch box that doesn’t include nuts?

    • Hi Kerry – you can make the muesli bars nut free just by using a bircher muesli mix that is nut free and substituting any other nut meals for ground or whole seeds like flaxseed or sunflower seed. My recipe for banana and oatmeal cookies on this sit is perfect for kids to take to school. T:)x

  18. Pru Gibson says:

    I just made these using almond meal, cranberries and apple with some Mesquite… so SO delicious!!! Not too sure if I am going to share them with my girls now…..hmmmmm…Thanks Teresa :)

  19. Holly says:

    Hi Teresa,

    These were very fun to make. I got to make my own muesli and LSA (for the very first time) to use, and they taste excellent! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.


  20. Leeseey says:

    Hi Teresa
    Just wondering if you can buy a ready-made bircher muesli mix, and what one? If not, could I use your bircher muesli recipe including the yoghurt?

  21. Bianca says:

    Hi Teresa
    I just made these museli bars and they are great as a quick smack at work instead of reaching for a chocolate bar! I saw a receipe for museli a while ago but can’t seem to see it on your website anymore?? It’s not the bircher museli it seemed more like a toasted crunchy museli.
    Keep the receipes coming!

  22. Silke says:

    Hi Teresa,
    Just wondering if you have used spelt flakes instead of rolled oats in baking? I use them in my own (alkaline) muesli mix and sometimes make a sort of porridge with them, but have noticed that they don’t get as “gluggy” like oats do in porridge. I’m guessing this is due to less gluten. So was wondering how they work in baking recipes and thought I’d ask?
    Just ‘stumbled’ across your website looking for alkaline snacks and boy am I pleased I did! Have already bookmarked loads of the recipes to try and will be recommending to friends.

  23. Paul carter says:

    Love this recipe. Now I moved to NZ though I can’t find the ground LSA in the supermarket. And on a whim I bought liquid LSA.

    It’s cooking now but I just noticed on the bottle it says “Not suitable for heating” . Unsure as to why, unless it’s preventing using it as a cooking oil substitute,

    Any ideas?

  24. Denay g. says:

    Great Recipe! I found all of the products i needed to make these muesli bars (including LSA) at Oriental and Continental Foods Artarmon! Great Recipe!

  25. tricia says:

    Teresa, just started using Quinoa – both normal and puffed – as well as puffed Kamut – could i use these in conjunction with the muesli – and also could i use coconut oil or agave or even coconut nectar in this – Thanks for inspiring us to be more conscious of what we eat – got my friends onto your site.

  26. Pia says:

    Natural bircher muesli?? Do you put the overnight soaked muesli in or is it the just a dry muesli mix you mean here? Im not from AUS obviously :)

  27. rebecca says:

    hi teresa just wondering which bicher museli to use?

  28. Ann says:

    This turned out well and is just sweet enough.
    Don’t get too concerned with the bircher muesli anyone who is thinking of making it, but not sure what to use.
    I just used 1 cup of natural muesli, 1 cup mixed porridge oats and rolled oats and lastly 1 cup of rice bubbles to make up the three cups. Ok so the rice bubbles might be the odd one out, but I had some in my pantry and wanted to use them up. It still worked out really well.

  29. Inge says:

    Hi Teresa, can I substitute the olive oil for coconut oil

  30. tricia says:

    just made these – don’t be too fussed if you don’t have exact ingredients – i used half muesli and half oats – 1 egg and 2 old bananas mashed – almond meal instead of LSA – added sunflower pumpkin flaxseeds and Goji berries – the mixture was quite wet – but it held up in cooking – and best of all IT SMELT DEVINE AND TASTED EVEN BETTER – give it a go – the bananas gave at a lovely flavour-

  31. Shona says:

    Hi. How much banana would you use to replace the eggs please?

  32. Rebecca says:

    Hi Teresa. Can I replace any of the ingredients with pea protein to try and boost the protein content? If so what would you suggest. Love your protein balls, but would like something baked with protein powder added.

  33. Anita says:

    I’ve made these a few times and they are DELICIOUS!! My last batch a couple of days ago, I made them nut free (for school treats) and left out the honey & oil but added pureed dates. They were a huge hit with my family….I need to bake another batch :-)

  34. Felicity says:

    Awesome recipe. I used 3 cups of Teresa ‘s vanilla muesli (from her 80/20 cookbook), coconut oil instead of the olive oil and a tablespoon of coconut flour. Cooked in a lined 20cm square cake tin for 30 min . Yum!

  35. Sandra says:

    Hi. I made these last night. OMG they are the best. Only prob is I can’t stop eating them. Thank

  36. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Teresa, if I wanted to make these chocolately, would I add Cacao powder or your Choc Protein Powder and if so, how much please. Thanks

    • Hey Jacqueline – Add 2 heaped tablespoons of healthy chef chocolate protein and mix through. This will pump up the protein as well as give them a lovely chocoalte flavour. You can add additional cacao 1 tablespoon only if you like a richer chocolate flavour. You may have to add a little water or egg to help it mix through. :)

  37. Ines says:

    Can we make LSA at home, mixing almonds, flaxseeds and sunflour seeds and ground them all together?

  38. Tracy says:

    Thanks for these recipes – they’re great!

    As I am only making these muesli bars for myself, can I freeze them to make them last longer?

    Or if I halve the recipe, does that change the cooking time?

    Thank you!

  39. Darren says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Awesome website. I have started making some of your delicious recipes for our 19mo twins. Quick question about LSA. We have a Thermomix, so I can make a lot of stuff from scratch and was wondering the proportions of Linseed, Almonds and Sunflower seed. Is it 1:1:1?

    Thanks so much.

  40. Nicole says:

    As usual Teresa, a great recipe that’s easily adaptable to (my children’s) taste. I used 4 cups oats and dried cranberries and apricots, threw in some chia seeds, and used a bit of molasses and maple syrup to sweeten and added a mashed banana along with the three eggs. Put some orange rind in too cause I can’t resist that smell mixed with the cinnamon. In the lunchbox they go!

  41. Pamela says:

    Yum, I made these last weekend and they were so popular that I made two batches for my partner to take away for the weekend. He just loves them. I added some almonds and goji berries. I guess you could add anything to this recipe. Will be making these on a weekly basis.

  42. Jodi Harvey says:

    I made these Muesli Bars last night and they are amazing! Can’t wait to try again with my own homemade muesli and anything else I decide to throw in. So easy and tasty and my workmates agree :)

  43. Lauren says:

    Hi Teresa
    The link for the Bircher doesn’t work for me. What is the best muesli to use?

  44. caroline says:

    Hello teresa ,
    thank u so much for the wonderful recepies,
    I tried to make the bars,sadly they didnt stick together,is it cos i used bananas intead of eggs?or is it cos i have to put more honey?

    • Hi Caroline – Eggs are better at binding these bars than bananas – a little chia seed also helps to bind…..I would try forming them into individual muesli bar // cookies if using banana.. T:)

  45. Angelicque says:

    Just made this yesterday. So easy & tasty ! Thank you.

  46. Monique says:

    Are you supposed to use soaked Bircher (with yoghurt etc) or a dry muesli mix?

  47. Abbey says:

    Hi Teresa, do you have to use bircher muesli, or will it still be healthy with organic natural muesli?

  48. Elaine says:

    Thank you for this great recipe. I substituted the mueslie and olive oil with puffed ancient grains, chia seeds and coconut oil. I added dried cranberries. I baked the mixture in mini muffin pans. The mueslie bites came out chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside. I love that it isn’t full of sugar.

  49. Loren Rowney says:

    I LOVE these! Super easy, great for long training days on the bike. Thanks Teresa

  50. Claire says:

    Hi, many thanks for this wonderful recipe! I’ve just tried it, I used 1 mashed banana and 1 egg, it turned very well! Just a quick question: with the cooler weather now is there a need to store them in the fridge?
    Thanks, Claire.

  51. Larissa says:

    Love love love this recipe! I’ll never buy muesli bars from the shop again. I didn’t have olive oil, so I added a smashed up banana, it worked a treat. I also added organic dark chocolate chips for a little indulgence :)

  52. Danielle says:

    I made these today with the following variations to the recipe: 2 cups organic rolled oats, 1 cup of trail mix (nuts, seeds, dried fruit), the almond meal, about 1/4 cup organic dark choc pieces, maple syrup instead of honey and a table spoon of Natvia. The recipe didn’t state the tin size and the first baking tin I spooned the mix into was far too big so I transferred it to a 20cm square tin. The result was just ok in terms of taste and texture. The tin was too small so they were too thick and too soft even though I baked them for 35mins. Even with adding the Natvia and the chocolate they weren’t sweet enough for muesli bars. Perhaps muesli would have had more dried fruit for sweetness. They are super healthy so I will make them again but use a larger tin (size?) and perhaps use honey instead of maple syrup and a greater portion of dried fruit. Great for those busy early mornings with a take away coffee when we haven’t had the time or an appetite for breakfast. Thanks Teresa!

  53. Nicole says:

    Could I substitute the olive oil with coconut oil? And honey with rice malt syrup? Thnx!

  54. Julie says:

    The first muesli bar I’ve made that hasn’t been crumbley. The level of sweetness is just right. I love this recipe a real healthy treat. Thanks Julie

  55. Nostress says:

    I am from Holland so I make my LSA myself, it is not available here, 3 parts linseeds, 2 parts sunflowerseeds and 1 part almonds.
    Made these bars today and love them. Finally mueslibars that you can really cut into bars instead of crumbley thingies.
    Thank you for this great recepie!

  56. Sally says:

    Delicious! Thanks for this recipe. It was so simple and great for my daughter to help make. I only had 2 cups of muesli so I added 1 cup of rice bubbles. Also I didn’t have LSA but had linseed meal and almond meal so just added equal quantities of each. I substituted 1 banana for 1 of the eggs and added a few dried apricots and sultanas. Turned out excellent. Will be making regularly for school lunches.

  57. Leanne says:

    These are fantastic. I didn’t have Bircher Muesli in the pantry so used the ordinary sort, 1/2 cup less cut instead added 1/2 of chopped dried apricots. Try it, very yummy

  58. Kerry says:

    I substituted crushed pineapple for the eggs/banana and it was delicious.

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