Chocolate Mousse

Here’s a velvety smooth chocolate mousse from my 80/20 bookA chocolate mousse that’s guilt free and loaded with antioxidants. This purely delicious chocolate mousse is made from ripe avocado that is blended with raw cacao powder and scented with a little + vanilla and spice.  The addition of a banana or a little coconut water will make the texture a little lighter. If you are choosing to spread this magnificent mousse onto cakes or cupcakes, then it’s a good idea is to add 2 tablespoons of cold pressed coconut oil or cocoa butter to help firm it up a bit.  There is something magical about avocado – it’s a wonderful emulsifier and marries ingredients together perfectly and allows the wonderful chocolate vanilla flavours to linger in the mouth. I love to serve this mousse as part of a dessert served with smashed raspberries or spread over a fresh made naked chocolate cake. Enjoy.

What’s good about it:
The botanical name for the cacao tree is theobroma cacao – which means “food of the gods” in Greek. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that cocoa which comes in the form of cacao powder can improve heart health, lower blood pressure and reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Cacao is high in magnesium and iron and also contains compounds that act as stimulants believed to boost serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain that gives you a pleasurable sensation similar to the high people get after exercise. Avocado adds a lovely creaminess and is full of good anti-inflammatory mono-unsaturated fats that is good for your health.

1/2 cup organic maple syrup
2 ripe avocados
1 teaspoon vanilla extract or paste
1/2  cup Healthy Chef Naked Chocolate powder or raw cocoa powder
Pinch of sea salt and cinnamon to enhance flavour

Combine all the ingredients in a good powerful high speed blender  adding the maple syrup first, followed by the avocado, vanilla and cocoa.
Blend for about  30 seconds until smooth and creamy.
Add a splash of water or coconut water to make a lighter mousse. Taste and adjust if needed.
Spoon into a bowl and allow to set in the fridge.
Enjoy – serves 10 – 12.

This mousse is delicious on it’s own or used as a topping for cakes and cupcakes. The addition of 2 tablespoons melted cacao butter or cold pressed coconut oil will firm up the mousse.
Add 1 serve natural protein powder to pump up the protein.
Add 1 tablespoon Healthy Chef Superfood to pump up antioxidants.
Serve alone or with alongside smashed raspberries or cinnamon roasted figs and pomegranate.


There are 3 main types of cocoa.
1 Dutch processed
2 Natural
3 Raw

Cocoa is what the beans are called once they have been cleaned, roasted and ground – Dutch processed neutralises the acidity and gives a darker look and rich smooth flavour. Great in baked chocolate cakes for its richer flavour.
Natural cocoa is just roasted then ground into a powder and is lighter in colour.
Raw Cacao is the same bean but still in the raw state, uncooked and unprocessed – high nutrient quality.

They all have their purpose in cooking and what you use depends on the final result and flavour you want to achieve. I use them all depending on what i have in my cupboard at the time.




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55 Responses to “Chocolate Mousse”
  1. Peta says:

    Awesome recipe! Being intolerant to eggs that usually make mousse up this is a god send!!! Great recipe and I thoroughly recommend any mousse thats avocado based :-)

  2. Nicholas says:

    Funny! That’s pretty much the recipe I came up with myself after adapting other avocado based recipes I’d read. I’m not a huge fan of the tase of avocado, so i started adding a banana basically to mask that taste (works pretty well!). I’ve been setting it by adding a bit of melted chocolate (for this quantity, I’d probably add a little less than 1/4 cup), but I might try your suggestions instead!

  3. Cherie says:

    Thanks Teresa. I am loving these ‘sweet treats’ (that aren’t so sweet) as we come up to the Easter break. I need to get baking so I don’t feel so ripped off when everyone else is feasting on chocolate eggs! I especially love the ‘nutrition per serve’ section at the end of each recipe as a quick reference. Thanks.

  4. Alexandra says:

    That looks fabulous! I’m tempted to make a small single serving batch for myself right now.

    Thanks so much for explaining the differences between Dutch, Natural and Raw. I’ve seen some tins of cocoa that say “processed with alkali”. What does that mean?

  5. Marie Browne says:

    Yum! this is my first recipe and I know it won’t be my last it looks sooo good Tkanks

  6. Angela says:

    Yum looks delicious. I wonder if anyone will experiment to make this sugar free using stevia and omitting the banana! Perhaps I will give it a crack over Easter! Yum yum thanks

  7. chantelle says:

    Hi Teresa
    The local store was out of cacao powder – they did have cacao butter, which i bought. Would I just melt this and add for the same result? Once melted, would it be the same 1/3 cup?
    Thank you!

  8. Ang says:

    Hi Teresa, this sounds so good! How long will it keep for?

  9. Chris says:


    This recipe sounds great as I have a slight intolerance to eggs but the other problem is my husband hates bananas. So is there a substitute for bananas ?

    Thanks from a cold England.

  10. Anna says:

    hi teresa, can you tell me roughly how many hours the setting process will take? Thanks!

  11. Marie says:

    Made this yesterday and it was delicious My husband couldn’t guess what was in it and was really suprised. I didn’t have a banana so I made it without. I will get bananas next week and make it again to compare- any excuse for this delicious treat.

  12. Isabel says:

    Hi Teresa, Wow! this Chocolate Mousse is the best sooooooo yummy! I used Dark Agave Nectar (Gluten Free) instead of honey or the other sweeteners you mentioned, and it tastes amazing thank you heaps! now I can spoil my family with something healthy, sweet and so easy to make. Thanks!

  13. Larisa says:

    I love how you explain what’s healthy about the ingredients. Just stumbled on your site this week, and we are enjoying your interesting recipes so far!

  14. BSwanny says:

    This was AMAZING. We made this right before easter & my daughter said it was so much tastier than the easter eggs. Win!

  15. Kathryn W says:

    Made this tonight, managed to eat half before it even made it to the bowl, haha! Delicious!

  16. ronda says:

    i, funny enough had all of these ingredients and it tasted amazing!! very very rich so i could only have 2 mouthfuls but hey its full of goodness and i can go back later ;) thanks for your amazing recipes i look forward to following you!!

  17. Lisa says:

    Great recipe! My kids have eaten its if it already! Next time I will add a bit more cocoa and maple syrup.
    I’m also going to use it in a pie case (‘clean’ of course and top with paleo marshmellows!

  18. Jaki says:

    Teresa, I have been following your website for a while now, and while always loving it, have never felt the need to make comment on a recipe until now!
    It took me a long time, and there was a whole lot of hesitation before I tackled this recipe. And holy moly I cannot believe how good it tasted! So creamy!
    I eat pretty healthy, and cook a lot of recipes from this website, but chocolate is definitely my downfall! Once I start eating I cannot stop! This mousse is so delicious, and so rich that I have a few mouthfuls and feel insanely satisfied! Thank you so much for sharing this! It is definitely a game changer for me sweets wise! I want to tell everyone! Thank you!

  19. Katrina says:

    This mousse is great. I make a big batch each week for hubby and me. I top it with double cream and some roasted almonds and its amazing!!! Thanks for this staple sweet healthy treat!!

  20. Rebecca says:

    Delicious! I actually just made this and dipped some banana bread (your recipe), heaven. Your recipes are the best tasting I’ve found

  21. Sharon says:

    Wow this recipe is fantastic,I’ve made it 4 times over the last 10days,im slightly addicted :) also the berries are a nice marriage with this beautifully rich & healthy chocolate mousse too,
    thanks Theresa:)

  22. Kath Lidster says:

    Hi Theresa,
    Is it necessary to use a Vitamix? I only have a normal blender or the hand held electric mixer! or will it still work and just be a little lumpier?

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Kath
      I make a similar mousse in a blender all the time :) Trick is to add some coconut milk (I put 1/2 cup) first, and then the rest of the ingredients. As long as you have a liquid at the bottom of your blender, you’re fine to use it. Good luck!

  23. Kath Lidster says:

    Sorry I misspelt your name! Teresa* :)

  24. Joanne says:

    Finally had an excuse to make this. Sorry that I haven’t done it sooner. It is so quick, easy and tastes delicious. Great when you need a chocolate fix without the guilt.

  25. Natalie says:

    Loved this mousse! I love making cakes and desserts, but I always feel guilty eating them, not any more…. Yummy!

  26. Lisa says:

    Hi Teresa, this is a perfect dessert if you are PREGNANT! Normal mousse has too much sugar and raw eggs, so this is a treat you can enjoy without worry. Just wanted to add this to the discussion.

  27. Yum! I’m gonna make this for the 23 women in my women’s temple group tomorrow, so I’ll double the recipe!
    Thanks and love…

  28. Hayley says:

    Thank you Teresa for giving us your amazing recipes. I have just made this mouse and its incredible. I’m not a big fan of avocado and I love it, especially with the slight banana flavour. I added the coconut oil as suggested in the notes and it was thick and ready to eat after blending, so would make a great last minute dessert. My avocado’s were frozen, and slightly defrosted, so this may have contributed. I will keep a good stock of avo’s in the freezer as this is definitely a keeper .

  29. Antoinette says:

    what can you use instead if you are allergy to avocados.

  30. Alana says:

    I made this – amazing!!! I added some high percentage organic dark chocolate (melted) and coconut oil. It formed a lovely firm mousse that I thought would make a really nice tart filling also. Next time I won’t use the dark chocolate to make it healthier and I think I’ll cut back the banana as the banana flavour was slightly dominant.

  31. Helen says:

    Is the banana necessary? Or is there something I can use instead? I can eat a banana as it is but I can’t eat it in anything…sorry to be a pain! I’d really like to try this apart from that :-)

  32. Andrea says:

    Best mousse ever! Would happily choose this over regular mouse anyway.

  33. Katie says:

    Quick question, If you are turning it into a frosting and are adding the coconut oil do you still add the splash of water to it?

  34. Tulin says:

    Hi Teresa, How long does it keep for?

  35. Chelsea says:

    Hi Teresa
    How long will this mousse last once prepared?

  36. Lara says:

    The avocados I had were still rock hard but had promised my 3 year old we were going to make what was in the picture on website ( chocolate mousse ). I substituted avo for a can of cannellini beans and threw in some raw cashews too and an extra banana. As suggested I used stevia for sweetener. It worked out quite nicely.

    Thank you so much Teresa and her team for opening my eyes to alternative, healthy and absolutely delicious cooking.

  37. Irina says:

    I would like tho use this mousse on a cake. How long before eating the cake can I put the mousse on? I just wonder because of the banana and avocados in the recipe. I probably won’t make the mousse the day before. But would be a view hours before fine? Thanks! :-)

  38. Di says:

    Wow! Tastes amazing just after making. I used raw cacao so I like it a little less intense so used 1/4 cup and used 1/3 cup Rice Malt Syrup. Mixed 1/4 of mix with some double cream and placed on top with a strawberry. Dessert tonight…should get some ‘oohhs and aahhs’ out of this one. Thanks

  39. SlenderEats says:

    Made a similar recipe… Avocado, agave nectar, chocolate, and egg whites. The egg whites gave it a light and moussie texture. Check it out on my blog!

    Btw – just discovered your website. THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating this! It’s now on my bookmarks bar!

  40. Steven says:

    Teresa, Can you freeze this icing on the chocolate cupcakes?

  41. Stacey says:

    Hey Teresa, I’m planning to make this delishes sound ing recipe soon, do you have an instagram so that I can give you credit? Or just link to your website?

  42. Alex says:

    I loooove avocados. And some indonesian friends of mine have introduced me to “avocado juice” which is made with avocado and sweetened condensed milk. I always loved that but a few years ago decided to try a healthier version of it. I used avocado, honey, raw milk and a little vanilla to arrive at a bright green and very very tasty mousse. My kids used to love it. However, lately my 7 year old has decided she dislikes avocado and the green colour is a give-away for it. So I tried your chocolate version. It was quite tasty. However, I found the chocolate flavour too weak and the banana overpowered. Next time I will try it with more chocolate and without the banana. The good news is that my daughter loved it. I served it with blueberries and strawberries. My son however wasn’t a big fan. Can’t win them all.
    Thanks for the recipe

  43. Linjohn says:

    Thanks so much for this excellent recipe! Just tried it for the first time & all I can say is WOW! The intense chocolate flavor & creaminess was just what I was looking for. Gave my husband a taste & he gave it 2 big thumbs up for desert tonight. The ingredients will be my secret though, he & my 2 teenage boys asked me a long time ago not to tell them what was in my recipes as long as they are tasty & healthy (although he is having a hard time believing this could be healthy!)
    I only had 1 1/2 ripe avocados so my 20 year old Vitamix had trouble blending the ingredients so I used a couple Tbsps of vanilla almond milk to help it along. Turned out beautifully. If I have the same problem next time I may try using espresso instead.
    Thanks again!

  44. Me and my daughter made this amazing dessert. it was very hard to blend the dates so we ended up with lumps now and again, do you have an idea how to get the dates smooth? apart from that it is ten out of ten! my daughter absolutely hates avacado but said that you can not taste the avacado at all! we used agave syrup, yummy!!!

  45. MishB says:

    OMG! Too easy. Can’t wait to see what the kids think tonight.

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