Why Native Whey Protein Isolate is better than Protein Concentrate

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When you walk into a supermarket or health food store, you are confronted by rows of products and powders promising weight loss or lean toned muscle. It can get a bit confusing picking the best one for your needs, as well as understanding how it’s prepared and the ingredients used to make it. There are some key factors to consider when deciding on the right protein supplement for you.

Protein concentrate is derived from the by-products of cheese making. Pure Native Whey Protein Isolate ( WPI ) is NOT, so it’s free from ingredients that tend to disrupt digestive health and interfere with protein absorption such as milk solids, casein, milk powder, fats, bacteria, ferments/enzyme and rennet.

Healthy Chef Pure Native WPI is ultra filtered directly from pasture-raised, ( grass fed ) hormone-free raw milk that has only had one single pasteurisation process as required by law – All other processing methods are done at cold temperature to preserve the native character of the protein ( defined as un-denatured ). This allows for a clean and pure source of protein that tastes purely delicious and is quickly absorbed into the body. Healthy Chef Pure Native WPI is also low in fat, low in carbohydrates, high in protein and free of soy protein, sugar and gluten and provides a pure, bio-available source of protein that does not cause bloating or gastro-intestinal distress.

Healthy Chef Pure Native WPI is the purest, undiluted protein source that is produced in a manner that aligns with our philosophy at the healthy chef – PURITY, SIMPLICITY, NATURAL and DELICIOUS.

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  • PURE RAW INGREDIENTS: derived from grass fed, hormone-free raw milk. Our dairy farmers are part of a national co-op and ensure humane treatment of animals and sound farming practices.
  • COLD PROCESSED: filtered at cold temperatures to preserve the native character of the protein (defined as un-denatured). No acid extraction or high temperature processing.
  • MICRO + ULTRA-FILTERED: removal of casein, fat, lactose and bacteria, which may trigger gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating, flatulence, constipation and effect absorption.
  • NO BY-PRODUCTS: naturally free from any byproducts resulting from cheese production.
  • EASILY DIGESTED: less than 0.01g of lactose per serve as (natural lactase enzyme added during filtration to reduce lactose). Free from gluten, FODMAPS, milk solids, skim milk powder, thickeners and gums.
  • HIGH IN LEUCINE: essential branched chain amino acid that promotes muscle synthesis and exercise recovery.
  • GLUTATHIONE PRECURSOR: High concentrations Cysteine (as Cystine)- an essential amino acid precursor for glutathione production. Glutathione is a potent antioxidant that fights oxidative stress and boosts immune function.
  • HIGH BIOAVAILABILITY: Complete protein profile – all amino acids present. Comprised of > 95% protein, rapidly absorbed into the body without digestive disruptions.
  • NO NASTIES: Free from soy protein, GMO, chemicals, artificial sweeteners + flavours, vegetable oils/fats, milk solids, skim milk powder, caesin, thickeners, gums + sugar. Low in fat and carbohydrates.
  • PURELY DELICIOUS: naturally flavoured with organic vanilla bean, organic alkaline cocoa and a hint of stevia to add a clean and purely delicious taste.

At the end of the day, we are all unique individuals with different bodies, health and life goals. At the Healthy Chef, we believe in encouraging you to take the journey and work out what suits you best. Listen to your body and let it be the decider. Experiment – try out a WPC for a month and then try our Pure Native WPI and see what suits you best :)





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36 Responses to “Why Native Whey Protein Isolate is better than Protein Concentrate”
  1. Jo says:

    Thank you for making such a quality protein product. I will be placing my first order next week.

  2. Sally says:

    Hi I was wondering what the difference is in your two protein powders? Which is best as a meal replacement and for weightloss? Thanks

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi Teresa,
    I’ve bought a WPI which did give be bloating and other, lets say, undesirable digestive symptoms. It’s the ProMatrix brand Naked WPI. 100% WPI with nothing else added. And also undenatured. Is you’re product much different to that? Not sure whether to try the WPI or got for the pea protein just to be on the safe side. Is it possible to buy samples first to make sure the WPI agrees with me??

    • Hi Jenny – our WPI is lactose free and not at all processed in the same style like the one you mentioned. Our WPI comes from Grass fed hormone free dairy – it’s lactose free and the best quality amino acids you can get. You are more than welcome to come by our Surry Hills office to taste….it will be lovely to meet you. T:)

  4. Jen says:

    Dear Therese,

    I am keen to find out more info on both the WPI & pea protein.

    I have an acquired brain injury in which I tend to run out of mental energy by lunchtime. I’ve found protein powder to be very beneficial in giving me the alertness that I need but I didn’t continue using them (or any of that protein based “rubbish” that’s on the market) as I refused to ingest unhealthy products if possible.

    I’m keen to try one of your products as they are just what I’ve been searching for, but I’m confused! Can you recommend one over the other for alertness?

    Have a great day!

    Jen :)

    • Jen – they’re both great products and it basically depends on your taste….Our WPI has the highest amino acid content and it’s also lactose free to it’s great. Kind Regards T:) x

  5. nish says:

    Hey there, it seems there is finally a product that I am interested in and keen on trying, a quick question, I am lactose intolerant, and tend to vomit and have stomach discomfort, I am glad this product is lactose and sweetner free, along with other waste ingredients. My main is to bulk up and put on muscle and increase muscle gain and weight, just wondering what would be your recommendation?
    Thanks Nish :-)

  6. Emily says:

    Hi Teresa,
    What does the natural protein powder taste like? Does it have much flavor or is vanilla and chocolate better?

    • Hey Emily – our Pure + natural protein – both the WPI and Organic Pea has a clean neutral taste…so it can be mixed with anything from savoury to sweet. It’s basically 100 % pure natvie WPI or cold filtered raw organic pea protein isolate. I like to vary and swap my flavours depending on what I’m making……it’s nice to have flavoured ones as well as natural so you can change it up a bit. Chocolate mixed with coconut water or cashew nut milk is an amazing treat ! :) x

  7. Mark says:

    Is hexane used in the processing of your product?

  8. Vic says:

    Hi Teresa,

    My hubbie is loving your WPI. We switched from the store bought stuff because he had trouble with bloating and gas. Now he has none of that and loves the taste of it too. I was just wondering if it would be OK to add to warm milk/water as I don’t care for cold shakes.


    • Hi Vic…warm is ok….but not Hot…you don’t want to denature this awesome protein….You can also stir it through your porridge after it’s cooked for a little change when the colder weather sets in…T:)

    • Warm or room temperature is ok…but not HOT as you’ll denature the protein. You can also add to porridge – just shake with milk or water and fold in at the last minute. T:)

  9. Jessica says:

    Hi Teresa,

    I’m attempting to go vegetarian for lent – also due to health reasons as I have a knee injury which requires me to be on anti-inflam meds and I’m looking to naturally aid my recovery and health and wellbeing in general by eating a less inflammatory diet.

    As my exercise opportunities are limited I’m wondering if a protein supplement is a good idea? Can you provide advice on who should have protein powders and how often?


    • Hey Jessica – I would also try starting Green vegetable juicing as part of your daily regime to reduce inflammation plus supplemented by our Native whey once per day to help aid recovery. Also have a look at our protein calculator here to see the best sources you can incorporate into your diet. Aim for at least 1 gram of protein per kilo of body weight per day. Protein helps in recovery and allows your body to heal, it also sustains your lean muscle and prevents muscle wastage plus it will help maintain a healthy immune system. Good vegetarian sources of protein are eggs, organic yoghurt, beans, nuts, seeds, tempeh and quinoa plus our Native Whey Protein ( grass fed dairy / no lactose / gluten free ) and Organic pea ( vegan / lactose + gluten free ). You can also email us at [email protected] if you have any more questions. warm regards Teresa :) x

  10. Brooke says:

    Hi – just wondering how long your protein powders last for once opened if stored in the jar and in the pantry.



    • Hi Brooke – if you seal your jar well, use a dry spoon when scooping and store in the pantry at room temperature the shelf life is what is written on the back of the purchased container. Functional foods like Green and superfood powders are best stored with their O2 absorber and sealed in the fridge. T:)

  11. Amanda says:

    Hi Teresa, I am interested in your Pure Native WPI as a recovery aid from endurance exercise 6 days a week. I also need to increase my protein intake daily but I don’t want to put on weight as I am trying to lose weight/fat and slim down. Your product seems exactly what I am looking for, can you tell me if it has any kind of nut products in it at all as I am allergic to all types of nuts. Also, do you make protein bars and if so do they have any nut products in them? Thank you.

  12. pam says:

    Hi. We have been changing our diet for quite some time. We have green smoothies, as very little processed sugary food as possible. I don’t need to loose weight. I do moderate exercise like walking and yoga.. Can I take the whey protein daily in my smoothies. Also I will be starting to use kefir soon. Are these two products OK together.. I am looking to maintain body weight and overall health. Thanks

  13. Melissa says:

    Just wondering if your pure native WPI is safe for use during pregnancy?


  14. MM says:

    Hi. I was wondering whether this would be suitable for adolescent boy who would like to have some additional protein and also include in protein snacks.

  15. Nic says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Can you please let me know which country the milk is sourced for the WPI? Also, you mention that there is no soy protein added but is there any soy in the WPI such as Soy lecithin etc?



    • Hi Nic – our Native WPI is made fresh to order from grass fed dairy – it’s from France and it also has naturally occurring digestive enzymes that make it suitable for lactose intolerance. It has no soy lecithin. :)

  16. Carol says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Can you please tell me if your Pure Native WPI range is suitable for people with high cholesterol. My husband has managed to reduce his cholesterol level thru diet and exercise without the need for medication, but has significantly increased his training and is looking for the right protein powder.


  17. angela says:

    I have gall stones and a sluggish liver. I am also lactose intolerant. Do u recommend the oea or wpi for me.

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