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Anzac Biscuits – Everyway you LOVE them!

  • By
  • Teresa Cutter

Looking for a delicious Anzac Biscuit recipe? In this post you’ll find the Anzac Biscuit that suits your needs. For those who would love my Gluten Free or Paleo Anzacs, they are featured exclusively in my Healthy Chef Recipe App. Anzac biscuits are traditionally made with rolled oats, butter, sugar, golden syrup, white flour and coconut.  I’ve adjusted the original recipe to create a few different versions of this fabulous biscuit so that you’ll hopefully find the creation that works for you. The first is my favourite and based on traditional rolled oats combined with coconut, almond and heart healthy / anti-inflammatory  macadamia nut oil, and I must admit it’s hard to stop at one.

What’s great about them:

Oats are a great source of soluble fiber that will fill you up, so you feel fuller for longer.  According to studies, the beta-glucan fibre found in oats can help regulate your appetite for up to 4 hours as well as help lower cholesterol. I’ve also used macadamia nut oil in my recipes which works as an anti-inflammatory and replaces traditional trans fats + margarines found in most store bought Anzac cookies. Spelt is an ancient grain that is related to wheat, but has a lower gluten content so it’s kinder to the digestive system in people with gastrointestinal issues or sensitivities to wheat.

Dairy free Anzac Biscuits

½  cups  (175 g / 6 oz) organic rolled oats
½  cup (40 g / 1  1½ oz) organic desiccated or flaked coconut
½ cup (60 g / 2  ¼ oz) flaked or chopped almonds
2  ½ tablespoons macadamia nut oil, cold pressed coconut or extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons honey or your alternative such as organic maple rice or yacon syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract or ½ teaspoon vanilla bean paste 1 tablespoon water
  1. Preheat your oven to 150 C / 300 F.
  2. Combine oats, coconut and almonds into a food processor or the dry jug in the Vitamix.
  3. Add the oil, honey and vanilla.
  4. Turn on the food processor or Vitamix and mix well for about 15 – 30 seconds or until combined.
  5. Add the water and process again. The addition of water will help the cookie mixture stick together.
  6. Form into 20 small cookies and place onto a baking sheet lined with baking paper.
  7. Flatten down with enough room around each cookie.
  8. Bake for 20 -30 minutes or until golden brown.
  9. Cool completely before eating and enjoy.


Nut free Anzac Biscuits

1 cup (125 g / 4 oz) organic wholemeal spelt flour
1 cup (85 g / 3 oz) desiccated coconut
1 cup (160 g / 5  1/2 oz)  coconut sugar or natural unrefined brown sugar
1 cup (100 g / 3  1/2 oz) rolled organic oats
125 g (4 oz) quality butter or (cold pressed coconut oil or  macadamia nut oil)
2 tablespoons raw honey
1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste
pinch bicarb soda
1 tablespoon warm water

  1. Preheat your oven to 15oC / 300 F.
  2. Combine spelt, coconut, sugar and oats into a large bowl.
  3. Melt the butter, vanilla and honey in a small pot over a gentle heat.
  4. Combine bicarb soda and warm water to dissolve.
  5. Stir into the butter and mix well until it all foams up in the pot.
  6. Remove from the heat and pour into your spelt mixture.
  7. Combine well until a dough forms.
  8. Rest for 30 minutes covered at room temperature.
  9. Form into biscuits and press down onto a tray lined with baking paper.
  10. Bake  for 20 – 30 minutes or until golden.
  11. Cool for 30 minutes then enjoy.
  12. Store in an airtight container for up to 1 week.





92 Responses to “Anzac Biscuits – Everyway you LOVE them!”
  1. Karly says:

    Hi Teresa,
    I love getting your receipes through and adding them to my healthy cooking repertiore.
    I have an intolerance to almonds and you use a lot of almond meal in your receipes.
    Is there an alternative that you recommend to almond meal?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Karly
      in place of the almonds in the Anzac cookie recipe using the rolled oats version, substitute almond meal for wholemeal spelt flour. You will need to increase liquid content if you do this…add extra 1/4 cup oil and your cookies will be lovely ! This is exactly what we do in my healthy chef cafe ! TX

    • Baxette says:

      Hi Karly
      I use pepita (pumpkin seed) flour in recipes to take to school ect. I do make it myself, in my cheap food processor, I don’t mind the odd half or whole seed in my cooking ;) It seems to work quite well.

  2. Linzi says:

    HI T, I am loving the fact that you are so Paleo friendly!!! I do miss my odd sweet treat since going Paleo so I appreciate getting healthy suggestions from a trusted friend. Keep them coming. Thank you. Linzi

  3. Nathan says:

    Thanks for doing this Teresa!
    I am going to get started on them now!

  4. Jo says:

    Wonderful Thanks, My son is wheat intolerant and was asking for ANZACs today and I was going to try to improvise – but as usual you have come to the rescue.

    I made your choc chip cookies the other day and they were a huge hit at a school play date – all the kids LOVED them!!

    Love your recipes

  5. Nathan says:

    Just thought I would add that I baked these today.
    I only had an LSA mix so I substituted this instead of Almond meal.
    They tasted Great! Macadamia oil went really well with the honey as well.
    Thanks again Teresa.

  6. Angela says:

    LOVE the gluten free recipe, made them and my 14 year old just couldn’t get enough. Must say the rest of the family enjoyed them as well. Thanks for posting them.

  7. Margaret says:

    What a brilliant website! I tell all of my friends and patients about it.
    Paleo Anzac biscuits!!! I appreciate that you take the time to come up with marvelous inventions like this Teresa. :)

  8. Gabrielle says:

    Hi Teresa
    I just made these cookies as my cousin made them for Easter and they were Devine. Mine look completely different was wndering if it’s because I ground whole raw almonds versus bought almond meal being lLovely and white my almond meal was patchy in colour?? Do u blanch the almonds first?

    • Hey Gabrielle, glad you loved the cookies. Nice to use blanched almond flour for the cookies, however they are also nice with a little texture like yours. I wouldn’t worry about blanching almonds..xx

  9. Alana says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe Teresa and all of your others :) I’ve been looking for a healthy alternative to Anzac cookies for a while that didn’t contain butter. I’ve made these three times already and my family can’t get enough of them.

    Keep up the fabulous work :) xx

  10. Alana says:

    Hi Teresa,

    How long will these cookies keep for?

    Thanks :)

  11. Nisha says:

    Decided to give this recipe a try today, my husband loves Anzacs! I used the rolled oats version and they turned out beautifully. The edges were crisp with a soft center. I did have to add 1/4 cup of water to bring the crumbly mix together, plus a heaped tablespoon of applesauce (pureed apple) added more moisture without making the biscuits too soft.

    Can’t wait for the kids to try them in their lunch boxes, if the husband leaves them any!!

  12. Lisa says:

    Hi Teresa, I’m new to your site, what alternative can I use to cane sugar, so how can I lesson the ammount? I’ve made your blueberry muffins and they were a good sweetness, so I’m not looking ore something overly sweet.

    • Hi Lisa, Reducing sugar intake and reducing the foods you eat that will turn into sugar is one of the best ways to improve your total health.
      When your body receives sugar from your diet its response is to produce a hormone called insulin. It’s important to remember that the role of insulin is not only to lower blood sugar, its purpose is to promote the storage of energy, which it does by turning blood sugar into fat! Manufacturers also add sugar to prepared foods such as bread products, biscuits, cakes, yoghurt, salad dressings, sauces all to make the food taste better. when baking, use a less refined sugar like a rapadura, dried fruit, fresh fruit puree is great as well as organic raw sugar, coconut sugar, honey, pure maple syrup, apple juice concentrate etc and you can normally reduce the sugar in a recipe by 1/4 – 1/2 the amount. If you want 100 % sugar free and low GI using Stevia and Xylitol are good choices. :) x

      • Shauna says:

        Hi t, just as an aside from this fabulous recipe – my friend makes her own ginger beer and whilst I would LOVE to do the same – it simply has far too much sugar in it – 1 tb a day for seven days – is there any other way to do it – I mean I know the sugar ferments it – even honey is too much (I’m a diabetic)

  13. Amy says:

    I have just baked the oat anzac’s with my 3 year old daughter and they are so yummy! thanks for a great recipe I have been dairy free for years now and this beats any recipe I have tried in the past.

    Love your recipes!

  14. Amba says:

    Just wondering if you know what the calories are in each of these biscuits?

  15. Sharon says:

    Delicious little cookies.On a quest to elimanate as many processed foods from my house as I can, as well as looking for healthy alternatives for the family. This is my first recipe from Teresa’s site , next I am moving onto the blueberry muffins.

  16. Melissa says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Just made these and they are delicious! Just wondering though if it would affect the texture or consistency too much if I reduced the amount of sugar a bit?


  17. Gina says:

    I made a chocolate variation of these which included; left over almond meal (from making almond milk), in vitamix with 1/2 cup cacao powder and about 6 pitted dates & bit of almond milk to get it mixed together. Put this in a bowl, adding 2 cups of oats & 1 cup of coconut. In a pan I melted 1/2 cup of coconut oil, with 2 tbls honey (could use agave instead) and 1/2 teaspoon of bicarb soda. Put this into the bowl, combine and roll into cookies which I baked for about 15-20 minutes. OMG so YUM!

  18. Mike says:

    Awesome recipe! My fiance is a preschool teacher and was looking for a recipe for Anzac biscuits that’s dairy and egg free (due to allergies in the kids). Thanks!

  19. Amanda Walters says:

    Loved this recipe. I’m an ameture cook but this is so simple. The hardest part was working out how to make the cookies ie: roll them in a ball, squash them down or not.
    These were so yummy, I couldn’t stop crunching them. Lucky I worked hard in body attack.

  20. Belinda says:

    I made these for Anzac day last week and they were absolutely delicious!! So much so my partner almost finished the entire batch in one day (he couldn’t even tell they were healthy!). I love baking and it’s wonderful that you have created such healthy delicious alternatives to enjoy without the guilt! Thanks Teresa! :)

  21. Pete says:

    These are pretty damn fine Anzacs! My first batch, made last weekend, turned out crisp and delicious. Next time I might experiment with the addition of a little dried fruit, or maybe some ginger. Thanks so much!

  22. Claire says:

    Love all your recipes, thanks so much for a fantastic and informative website.

    I have made these little cookies a few times and the last time I made them they used almond meal? Has this recipe changed recently? Would it be possible to publish the other recipe too as I loved that recipe. Many thanks in advance. Claire

  23. emily says:

    Hi Teresa,
    My daughter can’t eat nuts, so I substituted them for pepitas/sunflowers in this receipe and also the banana oatmeal cookies. They taste jum, but have issue sticking together well. Should I maybe replace them with some flour or add extra honey/water? We have no issues with flour in our house, and I have some lovely biodynamic bread flour, or other organic wholemeal flour I can use. What is your suggestion? I notice that many of your other recipes use nuts instead of flour, should I maybe just swap them to work for us?
    Thanks for your help
    Keep up the great recipes.

  24. Stepanka says:

    These are amazing Teresa, thank you. My nearly four year old daughter made them today and she was so proud of herself. I have just bought your book online for Kindle, look forward to making all the delicious meals and treats. Thank you again for making healthy eating delicious.

  25. Caroline says:

    These are great – mine don’t look quite as pretty and I used rice malt syrup instead of honey, but they are a great healthy cookie alternative.

  26. Hollie says:

    These are absolutely delicious and so quick and easy to put together. They are a winner!

  27. Debbie says:

    Yum, I can’t wait to make these, just wondering if coconut oil would work? Thanks!!

  28. taryn says:

    Can I make these without a food processor?

  29. Clare says:

    Hi Teresa,
    Would it be possible to make these cookies without the use of a food processor?

  30. Rae says:

    wow, they sound so beautifully healthy! thank you for all the wonderful work you do on writing up healthy recipes – your talents are not only God-given, but you are constantly on a voyage of discovery, and we are very blessed !!! THANK YOU!

  31. Jasmin says:

    Are rolled quinoa the same as quinoa flakes?

  32. Kym says:

    To reduce the calories and fat content could you substitute the oil for apple purée and perhaps add a chia paste to help combine them?

    • Will not work with this cookie Kym as they need to be crumbly and textural – delicious when eaten. Apple puree and chia paste will make them soft and dense – not biscuit quality more like bread.

  33. Lucy says:

    Hey, I love, love, love the taste of these but mine didn’t combine into a nice cookie mixture – they were really crumbly so were hard to make into biscuit shapes. What should I add more of to make them more of a sticky cookie mixture.

    Thanks so much – I love your work :).

    • You need to mix them well – to allow the oats to combine. 1 – 2 miinutes by food processor or Vitamix (dry jug) or 10 minutes by hand – squishing together. Add a little water to help them bind. T:) x

      • Janet says:

        I am loving your recipes, Teresa and have had great success with all those I have tried, except the anzac biscuits (version 1), so really appreciate the comments section of your website to see that Lucy also had problems with a crumbly mix. I added some extra water, but they were still very, very crumbly. I don’t think I mixed them long enough so appreciated your comments re. this problem and will try them again, as I loved the fact that they did not taste sweet (am not a fan of sugar). Thanks again for such a wonderful website – love it!

  34. Bek @ Crave says:

    Love all the different variations! Thanks Teresa :) x

  35. Angela says:

    Yum – I made Version 1 tonight.
    I added another tablespoon coconut oil (I used Maca Oil in recipe).
    I also used one tablespoon rice syrup and one of stevia powder (as a sugar alternative)
    I made twenty biscuits but they are small, and I would recommend making ten larger ones!
    Delicious! thank you

  36. Linda says:

    Hello Teresa,
    I made the first Anzac biscuit recipe and they were sooo yummy! Thank you, thank you! A hit with my little family. I will try the second recipe on Anzac Day.
    Linda :) xx

  37. Thank you so much, another great post and recipe. You are a great macadamia fan “heart healthy / anti-inflammatory macadamia nut oil”.

  38. Katherine says:

    Made the gluten free version for the family this morning and they were fantastic! I don’t have a blender so I hand mixed until they came together. I was a little nervious they wouldn’t work out considering they had no oats in them, but they tasted just like the Anzacs my mum used to make. Thank you, Teresa!

  39. suzy says:

    I just made these, and my oh teresa thank you! they are sooo yummy!!! :D

  40. Awesome recipe! I love cooking and i doing variation in my kitchen. Thanks for this lovely dish. i want to start it now.

  41. SAm says:

    I dont usually comment on blogs but i have to say these cookies are absolutely delicious and so healthy! I made the first recipe with Freedom Foods’ Gluten Free Oats and they were perfect.

    I added about 5 teaspoons of water as i found the mixture to be quite dry and it turned out great!

  42. Emma says:

    Love these cookies! I made version 1, and just added natvia to taste instead of the honey/syrup, and a little water to keep them together. Turned out perfectly! Next time, I might leave some of the almounds unground for some extra texture.

  43. Joanne says:

    Version 3 using the spelt flour – I have to say they are amazing,the coconut sugar gives a toffee like taste that is lovely. Very happy to have another quick, easy, healthy and lunchbox-friendly recipe thank you. I am going to check out your book on Kindle and maybe eat another biscuit …

  44. Melissa says:

    These biscuits are delicious! My husband loves them and I always make sure I have a supply of them! Thanks Teresa.

  45. Heidi says:

    I love version 1, I keep making them over and over again. I add an extra tsp of honey. Thanks Teresa

  46. Sheila says:

    Teresa, is there any reason why you don’t suggest Coconut nectar as alternative to honey etc?

  47. Caroline says:

    Haven’t baked biscuits for ages, so such a joy to have such success with this delicious recipe! Fantastic texture!! Crunchy on the outside and softer in the middle. Deee…licious!! Spelt flour and honey a lovely change. Yet another fabulous Theresa recipe. Thank u Theresa. :D

  48. Carly says:

    We went to make these biscuits this morning, but after mixing all the ingredients up in food processor I tried the mixture to check the sweetness, and it was so deliciuosly yummy! So we decided to roll them into little balls to keep as a quick and easy energy ball. No cooking required. They are fabulous! Thanks!!
    (I did a mixture of almonds and seeds)

  49. Anna Tamvakis says:

    I made a batch of these biscuits this afternoon and they are delicious. Hit that sweet spot and so easy to prepare. Another Healthy Chef success…keep them coming please!

  50. Jo says:

    I love Anzac biscuits but thought they were off limits till I found this site – thank you for saving me!!!!

  51. Angelica says:

    These were so yummy, I made the cookies and then decided to flatten another batch and cut them, as if they were oat bars. Worked great for lunchboxes! :)

  52. Jill says:

    just made these delicious thankyou x

  53. Nadia says:

    I bought your eBook a few weeks ago & unfortunately I cannot find this recipe. Can you please help?

  54. Lara says:

    Hi Teresa,

    So excited to bake some gluten-free Anzac biscuits tonight :) Is it possible to substitute the quinoa flakes with amaranth flakes? x

  55. Lara says:

    Sorry Teresa, just another quick one – can I also use flaked coconut in place of desiccated coconut? x

  56. Kirsty says:

    These were amazing! I made version 1, and I didn’t have any honey so unfortunately had to use golden syrup, to be honest I wish I didn’t because of the sugar but honestly I took an hour to eat 3! But they were so good that I’m now full. I made these handmade and just kept adding more water for it to come together. Thank you so much for inspiring recipes.

  57. Selina says:

    H. I just made the organic spelt version they formed well but once put in the oven they spread quiet badly & turned into a slice almost not cookies??! Followed the directions to the letter not sure what happened??!

  58. We love these and just had to share with our readers on our blog. Thanks Teresa.

  59. alex says:

    So excited to bake some gluten-free Anzac biscuits tonight :)

  60. Nyree says:

    Been craving these all day! Finally got home from work to bake them (it’s literally been all I can think about today)! I made version 1 and they are delicious!

  61. Jessica says:

    I added cacao nibs to version 3. Delicious, crunchy and chewy!

  62. fiona mcbride says:

    sorry to be negative but these were not nice and we so soft and horrible the next day in airtight container – threw them out

  63. Kate says:

    Just whipped up a batch, the 18 month old has learned from her big sisters that the dough is just as good raw as it is cooked! Thank you once again Teresa, your website is a cooking savior. It was great to watch your master class yesterday and to meet you.

  64. Wonderful recipe, congrats! Delicious and so easy to prepare.

  65. Mel says:

    WOW these are divine just cooking my 2nd batch after 1st lot went sooo fast and family wanted more.
    Thanks Teresa a success as always with your recipes

  66. MelbDean says:

    just in case you haven’t been told today, or enough overall, your site is fabulous. the recipes are written so well, so easy to read and then do. but most of all, if one isn’t interested in all the preachy healthy lowGI, organic blah blah blah, one doesn’t have to be subjected to it –the headings allow for quick absortion of ingredients and method. i may very well be easily impressed but i sure am impressed. thanks to the designers, writers and the team behind the chef’s whites.

  67. Nicole says:

    I made these last night and brought them to work today for my daily sweet treat. They are really yummy, will definitely be making them again!!

  68. Leanne says:

    Thx Teresa for an incredibly amazing biscuit. I made version 1 which was easy, stuck together extremely well so rolled easily into balls and stayed together when flattened. I only shaped 12 though not 20 and to me they are a good size for those wanting a standard looking and tasting Anzac they were yummy. My husband who eats too much junk loved them to.

  69. Allison says:

    My 8 year old just made these and they we’re delicious..yes all gone:-)

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