Healthy Chef Natural Immune Support is a wholefood blend of naturally occurring vitamin C + D, with antioxidants to help regulate immune function. !

One 7g serve of Natural Immune Support contains ten times the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C ( >450mg ) and the full-recommended daily intake of vitamin D (1000IU) and is suitable for both kids and adults. ! Natural Immune Support is an anti-inflammatory blend of fruits, vegetables and herbs, ideal for nourishing the body during periods of immune and adrenal suppression, stress, fatigue, illness, infection and vitamin D deficiency. It is ideal to take on a daily basis as a preventative for when you feel run down, tired or stressed. For those who are fighting colds and flu we recommend taking a serve morning and night. Enjoy simply with pure filtered water or cold pressed juice morning and night.

Natural Immune Support is Scented with organic orange + ginger + turmeric  –  the perfect natural anti-inflammatory.  This is an Australian first and is based on the principle – nutrition support from wholefood rather than synthetic supplements.

Healthy Chef Natural Immune Support is available from The Healthy Chef E-shop HERE


  • Naturally occurring vitamin C from orange, Camu camu, berries and Acerola – to protect against oxidative damage and promote adrenal and brain function.
  • Plant based source of bioavailable vitamin D – to support immune function and bone health.
  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients, including ginger, turmeric, Rosehip and Terminalia, to help protect against cellular damage, disease and improve digestive health.
  • Healing herbs Echinacea, Andrographis and Astragalus to help fight colds, flus and fevers.
  • 100% vegan, from fruit and plants – to alkalize and nourish.
  • No gluten, dairy, added sugars, artificial sweeteners or flavours and no fillers or preservatives, making it easily digested and absorbed.

Natural Immune Support is an anti-inflammatory blend of fruits, vegetables and herbs, ideal for nourishing the body during periods of immune and adrenal suppression, stress, fatigue, illness, infection and vitamin D deficiency. It is perfect to take on a daily basis and ideal for when you feel run down.

Healthy Chef Natural Immune Support works as a soothing anti-inflammatory in the digestive tract – it will not irritate like traditional vitamin C supplements.

Natural Immune Support is the perfect natural anti – inflammatory to assist your exercise recovery.





  • Immune System Support
  • Stress / Adrenal Support
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Bio Available
  • Rapid Absorption
  • Antioxidant
  • Vegan / Plant Based
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Non GMO
  • No Added Sugar
  • Plant Based
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Artificial Flavours or Fillers
  • No Chemicals or Synthetics
  • Made from Wholefoods
  • Purely Delicious

Healthy Chef Natural Immune Support is available from The Healthy Chef E-shop HERE

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  1. Sally says:

    Wow Teresa, this looks like a wonderful product and it’s great to have a wholefood based supplement for immune support with all of the ingredients disclosed. Congratulations on your Australian First :)

    Can you suggest the optimum way to use this product. That is, would you suggest using it daily or perhaps just when you are feeling a bit run down, and would you suggest using it in place of your Organic Superfood Powder or in conjunction with it.

    Thanks, I’m looking forward to trying it out.

    • Hi Sally – This is an awesome supp to have just in filtered water as part of a morning routine (this is how I take it) or a booster to your green smoothie or other juice such as a carrot, orange and ginger. If you’re feeling run down then It would be worth adding another serve at lunch time or before bed – just mixed in a full glass of filtered water. Organic Superfood and Natural Immune are 2 different products…They are both made from fruit and veg but immune is focused on anti-inflammatory and immune support whilst Organic superfood is like a daily multi for general health. T:)

    • Hi Sally – Natural Immune Support is best taken in a glass of water once a day at night before bed. If you’re feeling extremely run down, stressed or your immune system is compromised then I would take a glass in the morning and a glass in the evening. Its also lovely added to your green smoothies – papaya or pineapple smoothies or into a fresh juice such as orange or pineapple. Hope this helps T:) x

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Teresa, are the organic superfood and natural immune support safe to use when breast feeding?


  3. Natalie says:

    Hi Teresa, is the imune support safe to use in pregnancy? I am 35 weeks.


  4. Libby says:

    Hi Teresa – I just wanted to say how much I love this product. My husband and I are currently both using it with our fresh juice of a morning. He is currently having chemotheraphy treatment and has been having trouble digesting food. This is not only gentle on his stomach but he finds it refreshing ( not too strong ) – so than you so much ……

  5. merima says:

    Hi Teresa, I bought this product about 2 weeks ago and immediately I noticed the difference. I feel more energetic, I am not feeling run down and like I am getting a cold all the time. I have it in the morning with water and it just wakes me up. I would reccommend this to everyone! Thank you Teresa

    • That’s awesome Merima ! So happy you can feel the benefits. Yes it works well because its a pure whole food product – the goodness is instantly absorbed into your body. Thanks so much for letting me know. ! T:) x

  6. Charlotte says:

    Hi Teresa, I’m also wondering if immune support is safe in pregnancy. I am 12 weeks and this was a life line before my pregnancy but I haven’t taken any since finding out as I’m unsure if the ingredients or quantities are safe for me.

  7. Mon says:

    Does it have to be kept in the fridge after opening?

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