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Here’s a little snippet from this weekends Daily Telegraph – HOME section. It features some of my favourite things I enjoy every day.
The interview below

Teresa Cutter’s 10 favourite things

1 Colnago Road Bike
Cycling has been a part of my lifestyle since I was very young and has helped me to stay fit, healthy and strong. When I was 14, I discovered the awesome Colnago bike and have loved it ever since.

2 My Juicer
I love making fresh juices to infuse my body instantly with goodness. My favorite juices are green vegetable based juices that are cleansing and full of nourishment.

3 Quality Chef’s Knives
A great set of quality steel knives are essential in any kitchen. They will last you a lifetime. I’ve had mine since my chef’s apprenticeship days.

4 Naked Chocolat
I love this French inspired drinking chocolate. It’s loaded with antioxidants and the addition of pure vanilla + cinnamon is devine.

5 My Healthy Chef Water Bottle
I can’t go anywhere without my water bottle. I take it everywhere, cafes, movies and to the gym. It’s also perfect for protein drinks + shakes.

6 Quality Stainless Steel Pan
I love cooking with stainless steel pans. A good heavy based quality pan and pot is all you need to make the most amazing healthy food.

7 Stainless Steel Mandolin
I’ve had mine for the last 20 years ! it’s awesome for paleo style vegetable noodles and slicing vegetables. Perfect for a purely delicious bolognaise or stir-fry.

8 My Wellness Bowl
This is my favourite hand crafted ceramic bowl that’s the perfect vessel for all my nourishing dishes.

9 Passionflower Tea + my tea pot
Perfect to help my body relax, de-stress and heal. I have a pot of it at my desk most days.

10 Essential Oils –
My favourite is:
Sweet Orange. I love the amazing smell and add it to my vaporiser in the office or an almond oil base to use as moisturiser.


How would you describe your home (number of bedrooms, style of home etc. – eg. three bedroom terrace)
I love my home ! It’s a simple white terrace house in Surry Hills that my husband and I bought when we moved from Perth about 12 years ago. It’s 3 levels with a lovely light space at the top, which is also my office. We also converted one of our bedrooms into a large ensuite when we renovated – I wanted it to be like a health spa bathroom with a massive rain showerhead.

Describe your interiors style?
My home is very simple and uncluttered. The colour scheme is classic black and white with a hint of charcoal. We have wooden floorboards right throughout the house – there is lots of space. I bring in colour through fresh plants and flowers as well as bowls of fresh citrus like lemons I like a good splash of yellow, orange or green.

Who do you share your home with?
I share my home with my husband Paul. We’ve been together for 26 years and he’s my best friend and he’s also the wonderful photographer for my cookbooks and blog.

What’s your favorite part about living in Surry Hills?
I love how central and close everything is. I rarely use the car and I love walking everywhere – Surry Hills has some great cafés. I also love my place of solitude Centennial Park…I’m there most days either walking or riding my bike.

Do you have a favorite neighborhood haunt?
I go to gnome café most mornings in Surry Hills for my ristretto long black.

Do you have a favorite food?
I go through phases with favorites…. currently I’m into anti-inflammatory and immune boosting  carrot, lemon and orange juice scented with lots of ginger and turmeric. I love my greens, almonds and sipping on Naked chocolat !

What’s your favorite fast dinner when you’re run off your feet and just want to eat something healthy & delicious (and quick)?
I have 2 recipes that are my go to meals. Organic Egg Omelette with lemon scented garden herbs and Persian feta…or I sometimes grab the blender and throw in frozen strawberries, banana, almond milk, chia and my protein for a quick and healthy shake. Both are 1 minute meals that taste delicious !

And more….

The Kitchen is where all the action is.
It’s the heart and soul to The Healthy Chef, and it’s where I create my free recipes for my blog and to formulate recipes for my functional food products and books. I like to keep my recipes simple and use quality seasonal whole foods – It’s the secret to healthy cooking that you can make effortlessly every day. The Healthy Chef is a company that creates purely delicious food for health + wellbeing. It’s using the same foods that help me feel energised and nourished.

My great aunt was my inspiration in healthy cooking. I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with her and uncle when I was growing up. They had their own veggie garden and used to cook everything from scratch. They were also extremely fit and healthy, riding their pushbikes well into their 80’s. My aunt was a strong, determined rebellious woman and I think a lot of that rubbed off on me.

T:) x


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  1. Kate says:

    Hi Teresa, just wondering which juicer do u use?

  2. Lyf says:

    You are awesome Teresa thank you for continuing to post creative recipes. I particularly have a soft spot for breakfast and backed goods.

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