The Healthy Chef Wellness Bowl Has Arrived !

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The Healthy Chef Wellness Bowl has arrived !

Be swept away to Paris as you sip on Healthy Chef Naked Chocolat, or enjoy a warming bowl of porridge or vegetable soup. Your Wellness Bowl has been designed to be your very own personal bowl, so you can fill it with goodness and revitalise your body everyday.

Made to rest comfortably in your hands, it will provide you with the ultimate drinking experience.

The Wellness Bowl is made from natural organic clay and hand-crafted to order right here in Australia by ceramic artist, designer and good friend David Edmonds. This beautiful bowl is simple, functional and strong just like all the products from The Healthy Chef.  The Wellness Bowl comes in a shade of Tahitian vanilla and is beautifully packaged in a midnight black box, and makes the perfect gift.

It is available to purchase exclusively online at the healthy chef eStore.


naked chocolat pic


THE BEGINNING…….It started with an idea !  I was inspired by the movie Chocolat and I wanted to have the perfect Drinking Bowl
for my Naked Chocolat. It needed to be organic in nature and crafted to hold perfectly in the palm of your hand.



THE CREATION…..each bowl is functional and unique…..crafted with love, perfect to sip a warming bowl of chocolat or warming soup….


THE BAKING.…..baking natural clay makes it sturdy and strong……a masterpiece….

baking wellness bowls

THE RESULT.…. a beautiful hand-crafted Wellness Bowl, just for you !
Wellness Bowl_MG_8787_02 copy

THE FINISHED PACKAGE...the Wellness Bowl comes in a sturdy midnight black box….enjoy ! Click Here to be taken directly to the sStore.



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15 Responses to “The Healthy Chef Wellness Bowl Has Arrived !”
  1. Mary C says:

    So what’s the price and how do we buy it? I want one! And so will all my family….

  2. Tina says:

    So How much please?

  3. Karleena says:

    What a fantastic idea – I will be ordering one pronto!

  4. Judy says:

    Ooh looks lovely and glad its Australian made. Is this bowl microwaveable?

  5. CHRISTIANE says:

    Absolutely beautiful, but $35 is too expensive for me.

    • Hi Christiane – thanks for your email…Every bowl is hand made from natural clay and crafted in the traditional way – it takes time and effort to make them – that’s what makes them so special and unique. I suppose it’s just like buying French Champaign compared to cask wine T:) x

  6. Tracie says:

    These are beautiful. Great gift ideas for some of my girlfriends. :)

  7. Caitlin says:

    I want one! How big are the wellness bowls? x

    • Hey Caitlin – the wellness bowls hold 1 cup of anything you like….Hot Chocolat – power porridge etc…they are perfect – portion controlled and beautiful to drink and eat from. T:) x

  8. Anne Greyling says:

    I tried to buy the wellness bowl following your links above – but I only get a picture and no way to buy it. Please help.

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