Cacao Kapow

Cacoa Kapow Graded 1-5694

This purely delicious power smoothie comes from Bella Clinton – the grand prize winner of our Healthy Chef Spring into Health Competition.

In Bella’s words:

” I have converted even the blokiest of blokes to enjoy this smoothie… after hours of surfing in the heat, my boyfriend, his mates and I are always thirsty, hungry and exhausted. So, bring on the CACAO KAPOW!!  Throw all ingredients into a blender, reenergise and revitalise with this delicious and nutritious “heaven in a cup” smoothie. Hydrating and refreshing, it’s perfect after a long day at uni or work, The combination of cocoa, coconut water and berries gives you a nutritious, energy kick up the bum and is also ideal in the afternoon when you are craving something sweet and chocolatey! ”


  1.  Coconut water or “nature’s powerade” is a natural isotonic drink. The flesh and liquid are loaded with health benefits and adding this baby to your smoothie you will feel a burst of energy, clarity of mind and re-vitalised! Coconut water is one of the best hydrators and fluid replacers in the world. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and completely sterile – the husk serves as a natural filter. So crack it open and let the holy water flow!
  1.  Naked Chocolat – 1 heaped tablespoon or more!! Why? Boosting your smoothie with Naked Chocolat will help to promote recovery and support the immune system after your work out. Maca helps to promote energy and stamina and Tahitian vanilla and cinnamon helps boost mental performance.
  2. Berries – the more the berrier! Add blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, mulberries, cranberries…the list goes on. These bright, juicy jewels are not only delicious, but packed full of nutritional goodness. Add fresh, frozen, dried or powdered berries into your smoothie for an antioxidant, low-calorie boost! Adding Healthy Chef Organic Superfood will boost antioxidants and provide B vitamins for energy metabolism.
  1.  Healthy Chef protein is high in BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids). Studies show that BCAA’s can reduce fatigue and improve exercise performance, reduce muscle breakdown and facilitate healing. Athletes love Healthy Chef protein because it doesn’t bloat or cause gastrointestinal issues allowing them to perform at their optimal best.



1 fresh young coconut (water and flesh) (see notes on alternatives)
1 tablespoon Healthy Chef Naked Chocolat
1 banana – frozen is good
1 tablespoon Healthy Chef Pure Protein
1 tablespoon Healthy Chef Organic Superfood
1/2 cup frozen berries – you can add more if you want based on taste
1 – 2 fresh pitted dates (depending on your taste)

Combine all the ingredients into a blender until smooth and creamy. Add a touch more water if needed for consistency.
Pour into a glass and enjoy.

Use home made  macadamia nut milk in place of coconut in this recipe.

Mixed Berry Kapow Graded-5683


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32 Responses to “Cacao Kapow”
  1. Leonie says:

    How exciting! My smoothie is already exactly this, and then some! :o) I add the chia seeds and when I have it I also add a tblsp of flaxseed oil. And finally 1/2 – 1 tblsp of maca powder. This smoothie really does wake me up, rejuvenate me after a workout and keeps me bright, alert and satisfied for hours afterwards.

    Cacao KERPOW indeed!

  2. Katie says:

    Hi would be curious to know nutrient and calorie content. Sounds delicious!

  3. Linda Ellis says:

    Well done Bella!
    Great flavour combo, looking forward to trying it out.

  4. Ai Mie says:

    Delicious! this is almost exactly the same of a smoothie that I make all the time as well! Only major difference is that I had a handful of spinach or something similar to pump up the greens content. Love love love this!

  5. Emily says:

    What Cacao do you recommend? Is Crio Bru – ground cacao beans – the same? Can you throw them in? Or Plaistowe Cocoa powder?

  6. Kirstie says:

    Looks and sounds delicious!

    Healthy Chef – any plans to share your fabulous recipes on Instagram?

  7. Jan says:

    Hi, I can’t see the information about carbs, calories etc here. Can you provide it please. Thanks.

  8. Jen says:

    Are cacao nibs ok too instead of the cocoa?

  9. Sabrina says:

    Teresa i hate banana but all smoothies include them…..what would you suggest as an alternative??

    • Just remove it Sabrina !….the smoothie is awesome without it too ! Banana is added to many smoothies because it adds body and thickness T:)

      • Rebecca says:

        Sabrina: I use avocadoes instead of bananas when I want my smoothie to be creamy but I either don’t want that banana-taste, or I’m out of bananas. For one smoothie you don’t need much avocado — probably not more than a quarter of an avocado. It gives the smoothie a really thick, creamy consistency without adding any strong flavour and without adding dairy or coconut milk, which I find hard to digest. Hope this helps! :)

    • Frances says:

      Pears or mango are a nice alternative :)

    • Mia says:

      How can you HATE banana? It’s so yummy :)

  10. Daniel says:

    I really dislike banana unfortunately- Could you recommend anything to substitute this with?

  11. Sandra says:

    Sorry did not like it at all. Too much cacao.

  12. Justine says:

    My new favourite post run smoothie! I love it :o)

  13. Emma says:

    Just made a variation on this. Berries were frozen – banana wasn’t and didn’t have any fresh dates. Added some flaxseed. Think this will be my new go to for a chocolate fix! There was once a day I never thought I’d be able to have chocolate for breakfast that my mum would approve of. ;)

  14. Lauren says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Great recipe. Are you able to provide the nutritional information?

    Kind regards,


  15. Amanda says:

    This is so good!! Just made it I used half coconut water half soy milk added the chia seeds plus my vital greens I also put a spoonful of coconut oil in as had no coconut flesh. I will def be making this again and again!!!

  16. Lucy says:

    Sorry if i’m being blind… but where are the notes on the alternative to coconut? thanks! looks amazing :)

  17. Allie says:


    Sounds yummy~
    Are your products okay to be used in pregnancy?

  18. Kate says:

    Hi Teresa,
    Love your work.. Love the superfood and dark chocolate cocoa. Was wondering if your Pea protien comes without stevia? Also is it safe for people on medication ( mental illness) to use.
    Cheers !

  19. Terri says:

    Hi Teresa. How much macadamia nut milk should be used to substitute for the coconut water and flesh? Thanks, Terri.

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