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Check out this month’s issue of CLEAN EATING MAGAZINE with me on the cover !
I share my healthy cooking philosophy, my secret tips and advice on how to cook quick easy meals at home.  I also share my most favourite recipes designed for people who are passionate about food and eating clean. I don’t follow extreme diets or people who push strict dietary ideologies. I find that most people stress over finicky nutrition details rather than focusing on the broader picture – that is, to eat natural whole foods, focus on fresh fruit and vegetables – and keep it simple. Learn to know how things are made and what’s in the food that you create. Read about my Polish heritage and influence into healthy cooking, my love for chocolate and how to eat for a healthy digestive system.

My Super Greens Vitality Smoothie is just one of many recipes you’ll find in this month’s issue of CLEAN EATING MAGAZINE – available in your local supermarket or newsagent.

Stay Healthy – love Teresa :) x

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5 Responses to “Healthy Chef In Clean Eating Magazine”
  1. Hi Tersa, I live in NZ and wonder how I can get a hold of your magazine? Thanks

  2. christiane says:

    I have looked at supermarkets and Newsagents, the magazine is available nowhere.

  3. dayni-jayne says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Just a quick note to say thanks so much for your continued posts of new recipes!

    Also going to ask you being a Perth girl, can u recommend any naturopaths over here? I’m new to the area and really struggling to find someone.

    Thanks so much in advance.

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