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The Anti-Inflammatory Drink That Boosts Your Immune System

  • By
  • Teresa Cutter

This healing golden milk is the perfect nourishing blend to boost your immune system this winter. Laced with anti-inflammatory spices such as turmeric and ground ginger, this spicy winter blend makes the most grounding and nourishing drink for morning or afternoon tea.

The best thing is that it doesn’t get much easier than whipping up your turmeric latte. You can give this recipe even more of a superfood boost by adding Healthy Chef Natural Immune Support which contains x 10 the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C ( >450mg ) and the full recommended daily intake of vitamin D (1000IU).


Curcumin, the antioxidant that gives turmeric its golden hue, has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, gastrointestinal health properties, which have been linked to the prevention of cancer cell growth and management of inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis, asthma, eczema and inflammatory bowel disease.

The high antioxidant and anti-bacterial content in turmeric also means it is great for helping to reduce the symptoms of cold and flu. Adding to its impressive list of nutritional benefits, turmeric is rich in manganese, zinc, B group vitamins and iron, which can help support a healthy metabolism. Turmeric is a true superfood because it’s classified as an adaptogen, which means it helps the body adapt to stressors like environmental toxins, inflammatory foods, and lack of sleep.


2 cups almond or coconut milk
1 teaspoon raw honey
1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean extract
1 teaspoon ground turmeric
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon or 1 cinnamon stick
1/2 teaspoon Natural Immune Support

Combine milk, honey, vanilla, turmeric, ginger and cinnamon in a pot.
Place over a low heat and whisk until combined.
Heat the milk and aromatics until hot.
Pour the milk into 2 serving cups and enjoy.
Additions: black pepper, cardamom

Serves 2.

Notes + Inspiration

Blend cold turmeric milk ingredients with frozen banana, peeled orange, Healthy Chef Protein and Natural Immune Support for an energising healthy breakfast.
Add a spoonful of tahini will give your body a good boost of calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium, and dietary fibre.

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Natural Immune Support is available from The Healthy Chef eStore HERE.




21 Responses to “The Anti-Inflammatory Drink That Boosts Your Immune System”
  1. Sue says:

    Hi, Can you also make this with normal regular cows milk?

  2. Janet says:

    What great timing for this recipe to arrive in my Inbox. A cold winter’s day, thinking I may be starting with a cold and needing something comforting. This recipe ticks all the boxes! Fabulous …. absolutely fabulous. Thanks Teresa for another little gem.

  3. Leanne says:

    Hi there. Are you able to recommend an alternative to raw honey please? I’m currently on a low FODMAP diet as these foods seem to aggravate my IBD, but I’m keen to try this drink given that it boosts the immune system and is anti- inflammatory. Thank you!

  4. Carol says:

    Hi Teresa, I have your new book and just love it, it is amazing, not only the recipes but the photography and the quality, it has become my “go to” book and looks lovely sitting on my coffee table. Thank you so much.

  5. Amanda Paul says:

    Hi, is any old tumeric ok? I’m guessing that not all tumeric powders are of the same quality.

  6. Lois says:

    Hi Teresa. I’ve been thinking of trying the Natural Immune Support, but am worried by the inclusion of apple in the ingredients, and quite high up the list, too. Do you have any info on how it affects people who are fructose-intolerant? Thanks :)

  7. Mikhail says:

    I’ve heard that the curcumin is absorbed better when you add fresh cracked black pepper? Any truth to this?

  8. Mark says:

    Hi, can you have normal banana instead of frozen?

  9. Mary banasik says:

    Hi Teresa I follow you and your great recipes and ideas can I buy the immune support in England as the delivery cost from you are so expensive to delivery to England

  10. Val says:

    How often should you drink this?
    It’s delicious by the way.

  11. caroline says:

    Hi, can kids consume this?

  12. Sandi says:

    Can u use the turmeric in a cold smoothie?

    • yes of course….it’s designed to be used hot or cold and it our Turmeric Latte blend makes the yummies smoothies. We like it blended with a few spoons of Healthy Chef Protein, banana and almond milk.

  13. Jill Smith says:

    What a lovely healthy drink. Thank you. Any chance you can give the nutrient stats? I am doing keto and feel sure it would fit. Thanks a lot.

  14. Rosa L. Pineda says:

    Yo u can look at thai información too. Good and 100% organic suplement.

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