I’m so pleased to be partnering up with Clarins Australia for the launch of their new Extra-Firming range. I partnered with Clarins because my mission is to spread the message of healthy eating to promote beauty from the inside out. The nutrients you also put onto your skin can help deliver radiance, softness and hydration. For me, maintaining healthy and supple skin has become more of a priority as I get a little older. I need to work extra hard to keep it looking hydrated... Read More

Your Ultimate Guide To Making Low-Sugar Smoothies

It’s no secret that I LOVE smoothies, juices, soups and especially our creamy Turmeric + Matcha Lattes. They are an easy way of getting your daily dose of antioxidants and protein in one convenient drink. Smoothies, in particular, form a part of my everyday life (these days I even travel with my trusty Vitamix). I make smoothies for breakfast or as a perfect digestive friendly lunch for my hubby and I when we’re at work. I see a lot of smoothies out there, particularly in... Read More

Matcha Chocolate Latte

This is the ultimate winter warmer that’s high in super food antioxidants to support health, energy + vitality. The weather is cold outside and there is nothing better than sipping this very yummy chocolatey latte. I’ve used a mix of water and coconut milk to make this recipe, but you can use whatever milk you love such as almond or full cream dairy. The secret is to gently heat the milk in a small pot – be generous with your milk and adjust according to your... Read More