THE COOK’S CLASSIC STYLE APRON I’m inspired by the timeless look of French design and Japanese minimalism which is why I wanted to create an apron that was durable, comfortable and yet spectacular. The Healthy Chef Apron is handcrafted from a pure linen and cotton weave and it’s the perfect accessory for the modern cook. Every time I enter the kitchen I pull out my knives, turn on a classic beat and tie on my apron. It’s a ritual that’s been with... Read More

Naked Chocolat Butter

Chocoholics rejoice! Now you can indulge in my purely delicious Naked Chocolat Butter. Scented with Dark Chocolate, vanilla bean and a hint of sea salt, this decadent and sophisticated spread is perfect straight out of the jar. All natural and 100 % good for you. there are no excuses to buy store bought chocolate butters ever again. Macadamia nuts make the most amazing butters because they are so deliciously creamy and high in anti-inflammatory mono-unsaturated fats similar to... Read More

The Healthy Chef Wellness Bowl Has Arrived !

HOLD HEALTH IN YOUR HANDS The Healthy Chef Wellness Bowl has arrived ! Be swept away to Paris as you sip on Healthy Chef Naked Chocolat, or enjoy a warming bowl of porridge or vegetable soup. Your Wellness Bowl has been designed to be your very own personal bowl, so you can fill it with goodness and revitalise your body everyday. Made to rest comfortably in your hands, it will provide you with the ultimate drinking experience. The Wellness Bowl is made from natural organic clay... Read More