How To Make The Perfect Nut Butter

Spoonfuls of creamy nut butter blended into a lush Chocolate Smoothie Bowl, or generously spread on a slice of freshly baked banana bread, are just some of the ways I adore using this lovely staple comfort food.  Nut butters can be used as a topping, a binding ingredient for cakes and the yummiest protein balls the list is endless. They are packed with protein, minerals and B vitamins as well as heart healthy fats your body needs. The best thing is that it doesn’t get much... Read More

Fight The Cold Naturally

When I’m a little stressed and run down, my immune system gets a little hammered, so I make a conscious effort to avoid getting sick with immune boosting foods and nutrients. Food is one of the most powerful tools we have to help prevent disease and a healthy body begins with a healthy immune system. Over 70% of your immune system resides in your gut and what you eat forms the foundation of your health. If it’s not supported with the right foods, it becomes more susceptible... Read More

Can Eating Chocolate Make You Healthier?

Easter is just around the corner and while it’s synonymous with chocolate, that doesn’t mean missing out on a bit of chocolate therapy! In fact, I love nothing more than spreading my Naked Chocolat Butter onto fresh made Hot Cross Buns or  sipping on a mug of creamy home-made Hot Chocolate made from full cream milk – there’s just something so pleasurable in surrendering to some velvety indulgence. The good news is that you don’t need to feel guilty – you could... Read More

Thank you for coming !

It was so lovely to meet and greet so many of you at The Natural + Organic Supershow last weekend down in Melbourne. I had a blast presenting my healthy cooking masterclasses in the Natural + Organic Kitchen featuring some of my favourite recipes from my new book Purely Delicious over the massive 3-day event. Some of the dishes included Ricotta Pancakes w/ Maple Glazed Berries, Paleo Pumpkin Bread,  Healthy Carrot Cake + Lemon Delicious Energy  Balls. I owe a big shout out... Read More

Healthy Christmas Cake

  There is nothing more satisfying than baking your own cakes, puddings and biscuits for Christmas. Around this time of year I’m in my kitchen a little bit more than usual baking cakes and cookies and packaging them up as presents for friends and family. This is an extremely delicious and simple Christmas cake to make. It’s a part of my great Aunty’s recipe file along with other yummy healthy treats. This is a dense and moist fruit cake with a high ratio of... Read More

How To Make The Perfect Dressing

A good dressing will turn any salad into a masterpiece.  I try to eat at least one large bowl of salad every day.  I make lunch my main meal of the day and pile a bowl full of leafy greens and thinly sliced raw seasonal vegetables into my favourite stainless steel mixing bowl – toss through my dressing and enjoy every mouthful.  If I’m at work and pressed for time,  I grab a couple of bags of fresh washed salad leaves from the supermarket, put them into a bowl... Read More

Thank You From The Healthy Chef !

This picture was taken yesterday after my Healthy Cooking Masterclass at the Sydney Fitness Expo. Please excuse the blurriness due to all the excitement of the event ! It was lovely to see you all there and I had so much fun cooking up a storm and sharing some of my delicious cooking tips and secrets. Your energy was electric !  I made my Naked Chocolat Almond Mylk, Naked Chocolat Chip Cookies (made from the almond pulp), the most amazing Cauliflower Rice infused with turmeric... Read More

Gingersnap + Lemon Tea

In Natural Medicine, ginger is used as a potent detoxifying and antiviral herb that helps the body get rid of toxins, stimulate circulation and boost your immune system. It’s regarded as a natural antibiotic for the body and helps to reduce congestion and mucous production. Lemon is great mixed with the tea as it adds a lovely freshness and helps with the detoxification process.  Turmeric is a natural antiviral with potent anti anti-inflammatory properties. High in cur... Read More

Spring Into Health and Win a VITAMIX TOTAL NUTRITION CENTER – Winner Announced !!!

Congratulations to Bella Clinton ! You are the winner of the healthy chef SPRING INTO HEALTH competition with your purely delicious and healthy CACAO KAPOW POWER SMOOTHIE. One VITAMIX TOTAL NUTRITION CENTRE is coming your way, as well as a 6 PACK OF HEALTHY CHEF PROTEIN that will nourish your body from the inside out. HERE’S  BELLA’S GREAT RECIPE CACAO KAPOW!!!!! I have converted even the blokiest of blokes to enjoy this smoothie… after hours of surfing in the... Read More

6 Steps To Eating Seasonally

I love the change of season. Its revitalizing seeing the weather patterns shift and trees change colour, little signs to let us know that a new cycle is ready to begin. What most excites me though, is the availability of a whole new batch of beautiful seasonal produce. Time to experiment with different foods and flavours or rehash old favourite recipes that were enjoyed this time last year. Synchronising your diet with the seasons is certainly not a new concept. It was a necessity... Read More

Immune Boosting Green Smoothie

This time of year, when the weather get’s a little colder outside I make a conscious effort to up my intake of fresh fruit and vegetables that helps nourish my immue system and give my body the best chance to heal.  Over 70% of your immune system is in your gut and what you eat forms forms the foundation to your health. When I’m feeling run down my first plan of attack starts in the kitchen. I start to juice and blend fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that provide me... Read More

Macadamia Nut Milk

Macadamia nut milk is a purely delicious creamy milk that requires no straining and takes about 30 seconds to make.  It’s a staple in the healthy chef househould and I love making mine scented with vanilla bean and a touch of cinnamon. Soak for easier blending and more bio-availability, which is great for sensitive digestive systems. Use as you would regular milk such as in your next power porridge, smoothie, custard or Iced chocolat. What’s great about it: There... Read More

Healthy Hot Cross Buns

  Now is the perfect time for making these delicious hot cross buns made from wholemeal spelt, rye, plump raisins, honey, cinnamon and vanilla. Start the recipe the day before you need them. Make a double batch because these won’t last long! These tasty buns are not very difficult to make, actually the dough is very simple. After combining the ingredients the most important part is to allow the buns to rest and develop in the fridge overnight – at least 12 hours. Serve... Read More

Chocolate Truffles

Feel like a healthy chocolate fix ?  Well you just can’t go past these delicious chocolate truffles.  They take around 10 minutes and make a great healthy and sustaining snack.  Perfect for outdoor activities such as long bike rides, hiking, sailing, picnics, long walks on the beach or a healthy dessert to have with coffee. What it’s good for: Walnuts are a great source of anti-inflamatory omega 3 that is great for heart and brain health. Chocolate is associated... Read More


Ok guys – Christmas is over and we’re off and racing into the new year.  It’s time to focus and make this year YOUR year for health + wellbeing, after all you deserve it. Now is the time you can TAKE CONTROL of your own health and make the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle that will help you stay lean, fit, healthy + strong. Many people ask me about the food I eat or what sort of fitness training I do.  To be honest when it comes to looking after... Read More

Gluten Free Gingerbread Men

When I was working as a pastry chef, making gingerbread was part of our weekly production schedule. We used to make the most amazing gingerbread houses glued together with chocolate or royal icing. They were so big that you could almost walk through one of the doors and sit down inside them. The cookie dough was pretty durable so it could hold up for about 4 weeks before the walls started caving in and it was made from a base of white flour, butter, eggs, spices and sugar. These... Read More

Soft Shell Fish Tacos

Around this time of year I start thinking of outdoor  BBQ’s and some healthy entertaining. For me personally, Mexican food is about subtle, fragrant, fresh  flavours with distinctive aromas and the use of fresh ingredients and  flavors that are bursting with goodness. I regularly make my soft shell tacos and what I love to do is just to keep it simple, arranging all the fresh ingredients in the middle of the table so that my friends can make up their own healthy taco.... Read More

Lemon Yoghurt Cupcakes

Here is my delicious lemon and yoghurt cupcake recipe. Almonds are loaded with protein + good anti-inflamatory fats that help promote health. Eggs are a great source of protein that can promote a healthy immune system. The addition of lemon helps to activate the bicarb, that makes them rise + yoghurt gives these cupcakes a wonderful flavour. 3 cups (300 g / 10 ½ oz) almond meal ½ teaspoon baking soda 2 organic eggs juice and zest from 1 lemon ½ cup (180 g / 6 ¼ oz) raw... Read More

Gluten Free Quinoa + Chia Bread

  I thought I would post up my favourite and most popular recipe on The Healthy Chef. It’s my purely delicious Quinoa + Chia Bread and once you’ve made it – it will be a part of your repertoire for many years to come. This bread is gluten free – dairy free – egg free + sugar free. Perfect for anyone with a food allergy or intolerance. The most important steps would be to soak and rinse your quinoa and chia separately overnight before starting... Read More

The Healthy Chef – Series Trailer

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Immune Boosting Chicken Soup

  When I was a little, my great Aunt used to make this amazing Polish chicken soup called Rosół to help fight a cold or flu.  It was amazing and you could instantly feel it’s healing effects with every mouthful.  If we wanted noodles with our soup, she would instantly beat up a few fresh eggs and slowly pour the mix in a thin stream into the simmering stock which made the best egg noodles. With a few tweaks to her original recipe, the ingredients in my chicken... Read More

Chilli Con Carne

This chilli con carne is from my 80/20 cookbook.  It’s a quick, easy one pot meal that’s delicious to eat and really versatile in so many  recipes such as pies, sloppy Joes or lasagne. In this recipe I’ve used lean grass fed beef that I minced myself in the Vitamix.  I often fold through some of my home made XO chilli sauce right at the end and use it in place of chopped chilli.   The avocado and lime cools and refreshes the palate as you eat it –... Read More

Fish In A Bag

This is the perfect meal to make this Easter.  A classic French style en papilotte dish that basically means “cooked in a bag”.  This method allows the food to hold in moisture and flavour as it steams inside it’s little pouch and it’s a clean and healthy way of cooking fish. I’ve cooked this simply by topping the fish with a little olive oil, a hint of sea salt, slice of lemon and a little thyme.  I’ve used blue eye for this recipe, but... Read More

XO Chilli Sauce

I’m going to share a recipe with you that’s my all time favourite for adding into just about any savoury meal.  It’s my quick and easy XO chilli sauce, that adds a little punch to seafood, chicken, meat, vegetables, eggs, beans or tempeh. Think wok tossed chilli crab, pan seared fish or teriyaki salmon with a hint of XO, medium rare pasture raised beef smeared with XO and topped with fresh lime and coriander dressing, green vegetables tossed with a little XO,... Read More

Wild Mushroom + Spinach Hash W/ Sunny Side Egg

This is one of my favourite recipes that I can easily whip up for a healthy quick breakfast or weekday dinner.  I love to use an assortment of mushrooms to make this recipe such as field, button, oyster, portobello etc…as it creates a more complex and richer flavour to the finished dish. I also like to vary between baby spinach and fine shredded kale when boosting with superfood greens.  It’s important if using kale, they require a little extra cooking in the pan….if... Read More

How To Cook Quinoa Perfectly Every Time

Quinoa is one of the most delicious,  gluten free, high protein seeds out there. This power packed super food has a lovely neutral flavour, with earthy undertones that makes the perfect canvas for just about any dish you want to create. What I love about it is that quinoa is quick to cook, around 15 minutes so you can create a healthy meal without any fuss in the kitchen.  It has a delicate and nutty flavour which is very addictive and I often can’t put down the spoon once... Read More

How To Poach The Perfect Salmon

Poaching is one of the easiest and best ways to cook salmon. I love it because it’s such a clean and unadulterated way of cooking and eating.  The integrity of the fish is not lost if poached correctly and you end up with the most delicious piece of tender fish that tastes great simply seasoned with a little lemon and a little cold pressed olive oil dressing. What’s good about it: Salmon is rich in omega-3 fats that are anti-inflammatory to the body and critical... Read More

Blueberry, Chia + Banana Pancakes

This is my delicious flourless pancake recipe packed full of wholefood goodness. Made from organic eggs, smashed banana, almond and lush blueberry, making this the perfect healthy indulgence. The banana adds moisture and the almond meal adds structure and richness. What I love about these is that they are easy to make and the whole family will love them.  For those who have nut allergies, you can substitute almond meal for 1/2 cup organic desiccated coconut. I love to serve... Read More

Peach + Raspberry Crumble

If you want a delicious, healthy dessert that’s quick to make and tastes totally amazing, then you just have to make my Peach + Raspberry Crumble.  The season for stone fruit here in OZ is almost over and now is the best time to buy fragrant free stone peaches from your local grocer. This dessert is just a matter of cutting them in half, removing the inside stone and arranging them onto a serving platter, then topping with smashed raspberries and a quick and healthy almond... Read More

Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes

These guilt free chocolate cupcakes are loaded with all things wholesome and good. They take just a few minutes to make and are the perfect indulgent treat when that mid afternoon chocolate craving hits.  I’ve used ground almonds in this recipe which makes these cupcakes gluten free and deliciously moist.  Using olive oil or macadamia nut oil adds a lovely flavour that compliments the cocoa and they are both rich in good heart healthy monounsaturated fats. Serve as... Read More

How To Make Perfect Vegetable Spaghetti

I love making vegetable spaghetti for dishes such as Meatballs, Bolognese, Pad Thai or Laksa.  This technique was taught to me when I first started my chef’s apprenticeship in a French influenced fine dining restaurant headed up by executive chef Neil Jackson. A great alternative to traditional pastas and they have the added benefit if being nutrient dense as well as being gluten free. There are no nasties, just the good vegetables and a healthy dose of fibre, vitamins... Read More

Banana + Oatmeal Cookies

This is a power packed cookie that will energise and sustain your body for hours! It’s my healthy cookie recipe that’s perfect to pack into a lunch box and made from banana,  rolled oats, coconut, cinnamon and vanilla. What I love about making them is that you can just throw all the ingredients into a bowl and mix. It’s important to mix them well – for about 5 minutes either by hand or in your stand mixer. The more you mix, the more the cookies start... Read More

Superfood Berry Smoothie Bowl

In the mornings, I’m often pulling out my Vitamix and whipping up a healthy power smoothie for breakfast.  It’s a great convenient way of getting a good intake of fresh fruit and veg as well as a good antioxidant, protein and fiber hit before I start work for the day. I try and vary the smoothies I make each day and use different types of whole fruits or vegetables that will help boost the immune system, and fill me up with plant based fiber. Fiber speeds up the movement... Read More

Retro Trifle

My food mantra is to cook not only for taste, but for the sake of your health and  remember that no matter what you’re cooking, it is possible to make every thing you make healthier and better for your body. This is a YUM recipe of mine that featured in last weeks Sun Herald Newspaper. When I designed this georgeous retro trifle my first thought was fresh fruit – pick what’s in season, fresh and sweet.  This time of year I love a strawberry mango or peach combo. Secondly;... Read More

How To Make The Perfect Custard

When I first started working as a chef, a good custard was the foundation of many of our restaurant desserts. We called it crème anglaise and it was a velvety, smooth sauce made from egg yolks, whole milk, cream, vanilla bean and sugar. You can flavour it with anything you like such as cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate, citrus, coffee or pistachio. Poured over a warm Christmas pudding or fresh strawberry trifle, or served as egg nog with an added touch of brandy a dusting of nutmeg.... Read More

Quinoa Salad + Pomegranate Dressing

  This is my delicious healthy summer salad of the moment.  I wanted something that was vegetarian friendly and loved the idea of making a tabouli style salad using a little quinoa and lots of fresh parsley, mint and spinach. Technically  quinoa is not a grain but a relative of green leafy vegetables like spinach and silverbeet.  It’s a complete protein that offers a good serving of all nine essential amino acids as well as macronutrients such as manganese, magnesium,... Read More

Fish in Tomato

This is a simple and delicious way to cook fish and have dinner on the table in around 20 minutes. This is the dish I’ll be making for Christmas lunch and It was inspired by my first trip to France last year where I was overwhelmed by the amazing fresh and healthy produce as well as how active everybody was,  it’s not surprising why so many people associate the Mediterranean diet with health and well-being. Tomato is full of antioxidants, in particular lycopene  that... Read More


I’m happy to announce the WINNERS of the second ‘WIN A VITAMIX COMPETITON” for this year.  Perfect timing for Christmas ! We had hundreds of entries ! Thank you so much to every body who entered their ultimate healthy smoothie. FIRST PRIZE WINNER:  NICOLE VALENTIC – for her creation called “THE HULK“ a delicious healthy smoothie made for her twin boys. Congratulations Nicole, you are now the proud owner of the amazing VITAMIX. THE WINNING SMOOTHIE... Read More

My Sun Herald Recipes

  Check out my articles and weekly healthy recipes featured in the (S) section in the Sun Herald Every Sunday. You can also view them on line by clicking onto this link: MY HEALTHY TRAIL MIX: THE GOOD OIL ON SALAD DRESSINGS: DETOX: DELICIOUS... Read More

Power Porridge

Recipe content  Read More

Gluten Free Paleo Porridge with Apple + Cinnamon

I love to start the day off with my favourite breakfast of all time….Apple and cinnamon porridge – which tastes just like apple strudel – only it’s healthy Make up a big batch of LSA  – as this is your porridge base and store in the fridge for maximum freshness. What it’s good for: Apple adds sweetness, high in pectin fibre that helps keep you fuller for longer as well as a mineral called boron that helps strengthen your bones and keep you alert. LSA can help... Read More

Macadamia nut butter

All natural and 100 % good for you.  there are no excuses to buy store bought nut butters ever again.  Macadamia nuts make the most amazing butters because they are so deliciously creamy and high in anti-inflammatory mono-unsaturated fats similar to olive oil and avocado.  I use macadamia nut butter to replace traditional butter in a lot of my recipes, spread it on almond or banana bread, mix with cocoa powder and a little honey for the best home made nutella or chocolate... Read More

Macadamias for health + well-being

The Australian macadamia industry is undergoing a major brand transformation, launching Australia’s famous native food as the World’s Finest Nut, unrivalled in taste and quality. Australia already leads the world in research and development, farming practices and commitment to clean, green production from seedling to serving, producing more than 30% of the world’s crop. As part of the new brand launch, the macadamia industry has teamed up with another Aussie hero, Olympic... Read More

Kamalaya Health Spa

I’m proud to be the ambassador of the best health retreat Kamalaya in Koh Samui Thailand.  This April we held the Sydney Launch for Press hosing an amazing health spa breakfast and lunch where myself and my talented team cooked up some amazing food inspired by this fabulous health retreat. Take a look at the BREAKFAST MENU below: LUNCH MENU: DINNER MENU DETOX SALAD THE DINING TABLE MY TALENTED TEAM OF CHEFS AND YOURS TRULY  Read More

Gluten free expo – March 2011

I’ll be making some amazing gluten free recipes for the Perth Gluten free expo with the HGT young apprentice chefs  on the 12th and 13th march. Held at the Perth exhibition centre. Catch me making the most amazing gluten free ricotta hotcakes, low carb gluten free mushroom pizza, healthy pasta, the most amazing gluten free / grain free bread and the best chocolate fudge brownie that’s healthy ! Schedule of cooking times:  Read More

BBQ Bonanza – House & Garden

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Women’s Health Power Pasta – Food In Focus

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Steamed White Fish with Braised Cabbage and Shitake – Video

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