I’m happy to announce the WINNERS of our protein twin pack for this year. Perfect timing for Christmas! We had hundreds of entries! Thank you so much to every body who entered… See our winning entries below:   Gut cleanse & reboot, down to my healthiest weight, fuelled by Organic Superfoods and Immune Support – add in Healthy Chef protein for a HEALTHIER MOI. – Sally   I have two boys who represent Australia in Sprint Kayaking and they both... Read More


Welcome to Week 3 of The Healthy Chef Protein Series. I’m excited about this week because it’s all about the importance of protein in sports nutrition. It’s a topic I’m passionate about because my years of training for fitness figure and road cycling competitions has really shown me the benefits of including good quality protein into my diet to support my performance and recovery. Just as a high-performance sports car runs its best on premium fuel, your body needs the... Read More


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Welcome to my special 4 Week Protein Series. If you missed Week 1 last week, you can read The Smart Guide To Buying And Using Protein Powders here. This week I’m touching on having enough protein in your diet to support your weight loss goals. There are many studies that show that adequate protein in the diet is effective for fat loss. Protein is more satisfying than fat and carbohydrate and keeps us fuller for longer. When we feel more satisfied, we naturally eat less—and... Read More


A high quality, clean and wholesome protein powder is a wonderful addition to your smoothies. They are easily absorbed by the body and can boost your morning smoothie into a complete meal replacement. You can literally blend any combination of ingredients into your smoothies, BUT there is a magic formula I like to follow when making the perfect protein smoothie. BALANCE YOUR MACROS The secret to blending the perfect protein smoothie is to have the right balance of macronutrients... Read More


Welcome to my special 4 Week Protein Series. I’ve wanted to do this series for a while now because I’ve come across so many people who are confused about protein powder. For the next 4 weeks, I’m going to look at the misconceptions and misinformation about protein powder and recommend the most simple and effective ways to use protein for your specific needs and goals. WHY DO YOU NEED PROTEIN? Protein is considered by many to be one of the most important macronutrients... Read More


WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MYLK + DARK NAKED CHOCOLAT? We receive many emails at The Healthy Chef regarding the difference between our Mylk and Dark Naked Chocolat powders. This is a great question as many of our customers love chocolate but don’t know what flavour they will enjoy the most. If you’ve read my recent post about The Healing Power Of Chocolate, you will know that I’ve used only the highest grade of premium cocoa for Naked Chocolat. This means that you’re... Read More


When I became a chef, most of my time was spent working in the pastry kitchen. We had an exclusive temperature controlled chocolate room with marble bench tops for tempering and chocolate making. I took pleasure in creating treats such as red velvet chocolate cake and decadent chocolate soufflé for the fine dining restaurant, and it would always wow anyone eating it. My love affair with chocolate didn’t stop there. I love nothing more than indulging in a little chocolate... Read More

How To Reduce Stress + Heal Your Immune System

  Ever since I was really young, I’ve always been quite anxious and stressed in my nature. I suppose this is what ultimately exacerbated my gut issues over the years which in turn affected my immune system. Last week I spoke about natural ways you can fight colds and flu. This included my top anti-inflammatory superfoods and tonics that assist in my own wellness journey and make me feel better. This week is still immune-boosting week and I was compelled to talk about stress... Read More

The Secret To Great Sleep

A restful night’s sleep is high on my priority list. When I let my body properly rest and recover I instantly feel the difference in my energy levels and in how I look and feel. While missing a few nights of good sleep once in a while isn’t going to break your healthy habits, consistently missing out can have serious implications. In fact, research shows that people who don’t get enough sleep have a greater risk of developing metabolic syndrome (also known as syndrome... Read More

How To Stay Healthy When Travelling

These days, I tend to travel quite a bit – not only for work, but to visit my family in WA. Eating well and staying healthy while travelling can be a little tricky, but after years of travelling, I’ve learnt how to incorporate a few packing essentials and rituals into my routine (both on the plane and when I get to my destination) that help keep me energised, hydrated and free from the dreaded jet lag. Make the most of your trip with my top practices for healthy travel: BOOKING ACCOMMODATION… I... Read More

Watch Me Make Hummingbird Cake!

Last weekend I hosted my lovely High Tea event showcasing my NEW organic tea collection. I also whipped up my popular Hummingbird Cake – a tropical spring baking recipe exclusive to The Healthy Chef Recipe App! It was a lovely afternoon where I talked about the amazing health and wellbeing benefits of all my 9 hand-crafted organic tea blends. The Healthy Chef team and I prepared a selection of decadent, healthy high tea treats such as Olive Oil Pound Cake, Chocolate Chip... Read More

You’re Invited To My Afternoon High Tea!

My HIGH TEA events on the 3 rd and 24th of September have now been SOLD OUT. Lots of new and exciting events coming up over the next month so please keep checking the home page of the web site as well as weekly newsletters.   To celebrate the NEW Healthy Chef Organic Tea Collection, you’re invited to my purely delicious afternoon High Tea on Saturday, 24th September! I’d love you to come and discover the amazing health benefits of all 9 hand-crafted tea blends, along... Read More

The Drink Of The Samurai: Matcha

Matcha Tea is the champion of green tea and uses the young leaves of green tea that have a higher concentration of antioxidants. This means that it’s a potent superfood powder that’s great for your health. Throughout history monks, samurai warriors, and Japanese royalty have enjoyed Matcha as part of their daily routines. Buddhist monks, for example, have used Matcha for centuries to help keep them mentally focused, and to give them a mild, long-lasting energy boost during... Read More

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Whether you enjoy a cup of tea with some morning teacake or to unwind after a long day, the benefits of drinking tea go beyond the ritual of savouring the moment. WHAT I LOVE ABOUT TEA In fact, I have copious amounts of tea because it’s an absolutely therapeutic and relaxing way I can boost my health and wellbeing. For instance, I love to sip a hot cup of Healthy Chef ceremonial grade Matcha tea to start my day because it’s infused with many anti-ageing and body shaping properties... Read More