Your Ultimate Guide To Making Low-Sugar Smoothies

It’s no secret that I LOVE smoothies, juices, soups and especially our creamy Turmeric + Matcha Lattes. They are an easy way of getting your daily dose of antioxidants and protein in one convenient drink. Smoothies, in particular, form a part of my everyday life (these days I even travel with my trusty Vitamix). I make smoothies for breakfast or as a perfect digestive friendly lunch for my hubby and I when we’re at work. I see a lot of smoothies out there, particularly in... Read More

My 5-Day Gut Health Cleanse

TRY MY 5-DAY GUT HEALTH CLEANSE Reduce Bloating – Get More Energy – Promote Regularity – Feel Amazing!  Welcome to my personal gut health cleanse that I try to do once a month to support my digestive system and help it function at its best. ABOUT THE CLEANSE This cleanse is based on the 2-week eating plan I wrote for my book Perfect Digestive Health and is a way of cleaning up my diet and getting in touch with my individual needs. Throughout the last few weeks,... Read More