Green Pea Fritters

This is a wonderful meal you can whip up in around 10 minutes. What I love about these delicious green pea fritters is that you can also take any leftovers to work the next day and enjoy them cold or warm with a side salad of leafy greens, a squeeze of lemon and cold pressed olive oil.

What’s good about them:
Green peas are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. They are a great source of Vitamin A, K + folate,  fibre and packed with protein as well as iron for energy metabolism. Ricotta is a good source of protein, which encourages muscle growth and repair. Protein also stimulates the production of growth hormone that is responsible for bone and muscle strength that decreases as we age. Studies show that overweight people have lower-than-normal levels of growth hormone in their body, which may make it harder for them to lose weight as growth hormone can promote fat burning in the body. HGH can be increased naturally by a quality protein- and vegetable-rich diet, getting quality sleep and enjoying regular exercise.

Makes 6 Green Pea Fritters
Time it takes: 15 minutes

300 g (10  1/2  oz) green peas (if using frozen, make sure to defrost first)
2 tablespoons fresh chopped parsley
2 organic  / free range eggs
zest 1 lemon
150 g (5  1/4  oz) ricotta (deli style – good quality)
1 1/2  tablespoons coconut flour (see notes)
Pinch of sea salt and pepper

Smash the green peas roughly either by hand or by using a blender or food processor. Make sure to keep it chunky as this is not a puree.
Combine the smashed peas into a bowl with parsley, egg, lemon zest and coconut flour. The coconut flour will thicken the mix and allow it to hold it’s shape when cooking.
Season with salt and pepper then taste to check.
Add the ricotta last, smashing it through the pea fritter batter – make sure to leave nice chunky bits of ricotta through the mix.
Heat a pan over a low heat with a little olive oil.
Cook spoonfuls of pea fritter mixture much as you would pikelets or small pancakes. You should get about 6 green pea fritters.
REMEMBER –  It’s important to cook them over a low gentle heat on each side until golden and cooked through.
Serve with a squeeze of lemon and enjoy.
You can also accompany with leafy greens or steamed vegetables and cold pressed olive oil and lemon to drizzle.

Coconut flour is available from most health food stores. It can also be replaced with other gluten free flours such as almond meal or brown rice flour.  Quantities of almond meal or rice flour will need to double – just enough so that the fritter will hold it’s shape when cooked.

For dairy free fritters – omit the ricotta all together.


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38 Responses to “Green Pea Fritters”
  1. Lovely! I do a zucchini fritters with spring onions, grated lemon and garlic served with a dollop of Chilli yoghurt and they’re really filling and delicious. Will have to try this one too.

  2. Vija says:

    Thanks for the recipe. Am going to try this one.

  3. Julie says:

    Hey Rachel any chance you could give out the recipe for your zucchini fritters….I have tried a few but sadly without success…they were all too gluggy….yours sound very nice, I wouldnt mind having a go….julie xx

    • Tracie says:

      Really, really enjoyed these – thank you !! Rachel – I also think your zucchini fritters sound fantastic. If you are sharing, count me in for that too please :-)

  4. Marian Hearn says:

    Not sure what you mean by

    “Make sure not to keep it chunky as this is not a puree”.?

  5. Mary says:

    Some chopped mint would be yummy in these fritters too.

  6. Caro says:

    Delicious. Made this pm and will pop in kids lunchbox tomorrow for morning tea. I can see endless options/variations with this recipe, many thanks

  7. Lauren says:

    Is there anything I could substitute the ricotta with (I’m avoiding dairy!) , would coconut milk/cream work? Or is there something better ?

  8. Teresa says:

    Really yummy, hubby and I enjoyed them.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Just made these. I didn’t make any changes and they were perfect as they were. Really, really delicious!

  10. Jo says:

    Just making these for the first time and realised that you haven’t said What to do with the lemon zest. Did you mean ‘juice’ instead? As in to drizzle on afterwards. Gonna add the zest to the mixture and hope for the best.

  11. Shelley says:

    These absolutely ROCK Teresa! Thanks so much for the recipe. I just made a big batch for my lunch this week! Pairing it with cauliflower mash and some wilted greens. Delicious! x

  12. Hannah says:

    these look delish! What could you substitute the ricotta for if you are dairy free? thanks :-)

  13. Lauren burdett says:

    I made these tonight but my fritters wouldn’t set in the pan and when I went to flip them they fell apart. Any suggestions?

    • You are cooking on a too high temperature in the pan Lauren. Reduce the heat to low. Add a touch more coconut flour if too wet. Be patient and cook until you can flip over – base should be golden brown and crisp. :)

  14. allie says:

    Am cooking this very minute! praying for success.
    How long do they take to cook on average pls?

  15. Elle says:

    Has anyone tried to freeze these fritters? Do they freeze well I’d love to freeze and take as pre made lunches?

  16. Kathy says:

    Thank you for all your recipes, you are amazing!

  17. Johanna says:

    Can you use Cottage Cheese instead of Ricotta?


  18. Kerrie says:

    Teresa, can I substitute the ricotta with goats feta for the pea fritters. I’m now gluten and dairy free but can have a little goats cheese

  19. Sarah says:

    Hi Teresa, my son is lactose intolerant, what can I add instead of the ricotta? Or should I give this recipe a miss for him?

  20. Matraville Froggy says:

    Made these and they were delicious. Added a bit of feta and mint as I was afraid would be a bit bland. Also I was very skeptical that the fritters would hold together when I saw the texture of the “batter”… But lo and behold – stick together they did, although only just. Trick I think is to let them cook a good while before flipping them and then flipping them only ONCE! Anyway, another keeper recipe from the healthy chef!

  21. Miranda says:

    Hi Teresa,

    I am allergic to eggs, is there anything I can use to replace it in this recipe?

  22. Priscilla says:

    These are really great, I made them tonight. Surprisingly tasty and really high in protein – winner! I swapped the parsley for cilantro, cos I prefer it.

  23. Cilleriania says:

    These fritters are really yummy. I found these much easier to cook in the oven, than on the stovetop. They don’t look quite as pretty, but hold together much better. Thanks for the recipe – I love the flavours!

  24. Stephanie Meade says:

    I made these last night, they were amazing!!!! I put it with your superfood green tabouli which was equally as good. Patience is definitely the key when cooking them.

  25. Meg says:

    When it says makes 6 is that for 6 people? How many people would this serve? I live on my own and I am trying to work out how I need to reduce the recipe for 1 – 2 people. Thanks Meg

  26. You can keep these for upto 3 days in the fridge or even freeze these Meg….maybe half the recipe and try from here…..T:) x

  27. Aubrey says:

    Thanks for the delicious recipe!

    Would you have a rough calculation of the macronutrients for one of these?

  28. Karla says:

    Paired these Pea Fritters with the Persian Watermelon Salad tonight – absolute hit with my husband and 14 year old – a taste sensation – yum

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