Detox Energy Salad

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Here is a restorative – antioxidant rich salad that will make your body glow from the inside out. The recipe is from my book Purely Delicious and was inspired by my favourite health + wellness spa Kamalaya.

The word DETOX is the umbrella term to describe many different types or approaches to detoxification. Many of them are disciplined fasting programs that can add additional stress for the body and can often deprive the body of essential nutrients needed for optimal health.

Detox is not a diet of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and B grade maple syrup – the human body needs much more than that to revitalise and restore cells back to optimum health. I prefer a gentle and nurturing approach that is well supported through whole foods that help nourish and revitalize the body –  using food as medicine to help nurture and restore health.

A detox is basically a healthy eating plan that’s rich in life giving vegetables and salads. It’s an opportunity to let go of old habits to reset yourself nutritionally and to have a fresh start. A healthy detox can help to re-boot and re-energise your system and help to enhance your over all health.

Enjoy the journey of healthy eating with balance, wisdom and moderation.
” If you give your body the right environment and adopt healthy habits, you have the power to change your health in the future.”

What’s great about it:
The ingredients have been specifically chosen to detoxify, alkalinise and heal the body.  Eating one bowl a day will promote clear glowing skin, a healthy digestive system and endless vitality. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that alkalising diets improve bone density and serum growth hormone concentrations and the most nourishing alkalising foods are green foods such as leafy greens, green vegetables, cold pressed wheatgrass and olive oil. Make sure to include plenty of alkalising foods in your diet every day and you will notice the difference in your overall health.

Leafy greens are power-packed with naturally occurring nutrients including chlorophyll, beta carotene, vitamin C, B complex vitamins, amino acids, calcium, potassium and magnesium. They work as a natural anti-inflammatory in the body and a key nutrient in supporting digestive health and detoxification in the body.

Avocados are rich in mono-unsaturated fats that have compounds to protect against, inflammation and cancer. They’re loaded with antioxidants lutein, vitamin E and beta-carotene and can promote blood sugar reduction and support cardiovascular, digestive and skin health. Its fatty acid profile is similar to that of olive oil, so it’s lovely and nourishing for healthy glowing skin and hair. Avocados are rich in potassium which supports healthy blood pressure levels. They are also anti-inflammatory to the body and help control blood sugar and wonderful in weight management eating plans. Studies have also shown that eating healthy fats such as avocado or with salads and vegetables can dramatically increase the amount of antioxidants you take in from the food.

Nuts and seeds are high in fibre, minerals, healthy fats and protein! Perfect for total body nourishment. Just one handful will satisfy your hunger and keep blood sugars stable for hours. Pumpkin seeds for instance are also high in the amino acid tryptophan that helps to make serotonin. Almonds are anti-inflammatory for the body and are high in vitamin E, an antioxidant that can help fight off free radicals for a healthy immune system. They are also a great source of potassium – a mineral necessary for nerve transmission and the contraction of all muscles including the heart.

4 handfuls mixed leafy greens (cos, butter lettuce, iceberg, rocket, spinach, micro greens etc)
1 avocado, quartered
2 tablespoons pumpkin seeds
2 tablespoons sunflower seeds
2 tablespoons roasted buckwheat, kasha
2 tablespoons goji berries or the jewels from 1 pomegranate
2 teaspoons  ground flax seed (linseed) or LSA

4 tablespoons cold pressed olive oil
2 tablespoons balsamic or lemon juice

Arrange the salad leaves into serving bowls.
Add the avocado quarters and sprinkle over the seeds, buckwheat, flaxseed and goji.
Combine dressing ingredients and drizzle over the top of the salad before serving.
Serves 2

Notes + Inspiration

  • Pump up the protein by serving with steamed white fish or organic egg.
  • Enhance detoxification by adding 1/2 raw grated or roasted beetroot.
  • Use parsley and mint salsa verde in place of dressing above.  Just blend 2 bunches parsley, 1 bunch mint, juice and zest from 1 lemon + 1/2 cup olive oil.


Salsa Verde-1553


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19 Responses to “Detox Energy Salad”
  1. Sach Trikha says:

    I’ve run out of avocado! A good substitute?

    Addicted to this salad! x

  2. Sophie says:

    This sounds amazing… like so many of your recipes. I have a nut allergy which means that all nuts are a no no for me … seeds are fine so if I added an extra 5g to the quantities of pumpkin and sunflower seeds would that still give me the benefits of the walnuts?

  3. Deb says:

    Thanks Teresa for your fabulous recipes! I’ve been wanting to get my diet back in shape and this detox salad looks very nice and easy to prepare.
    Best wishes for 2014!

  4. Oh my goodness, that just looks so simple yet so delicious. I MUST have a version of this for dinner tonight!

  5. Marilyn Andrew says:

    WOW Your food always looks sooooo delicious. I just can’t wait to try them and this is a definite. So easy and look amazing.

  6. SARAH says:

    great salad would love to get some details of how to do these detoxes you talk about

  7. Margie says:

    Thanks again Teresa, a perfect lunch after a gruelling Boot Camp session this morning.

  8. Maida says:

    Hi Theresa, new to your website and it’s just what I’ve been searching for, healthy, nourishing and tasty recipes to get my health back on track.

  9. Chris says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Thanks for this simple but delicious salad. My husband and I both want to lose 5 kg and get our tummy fat down. His cholesterol is a little high. We are both in our 60′s (I am post menopausal). Can you suggest from your recipes the best way to help us? Should we start with just juices for a couple of days, or should we just jump in to mostly protein and vegies for meals? We are both only 5 kg overweight and want to lose the weight slowly. Warm regards, Chris

  10. Marilyn Andrew says:

    I made this on the week end. It was everything it promised to be. Amazing and delicious.
    Thanks Teresa.

  11. marta says:

    Tried this yesterday and had it with roast chicken – easy, clean and delicious!

  12. Mary Archer says:

    Cant wait to try your healthy food. I need to loose weight so badly i am going to the gym and starting to drink lots of water.Increasing my protein eating fresh food and drinking water is helping. Thank you Mary

  13. Bella says:

    How many servings in this recipe ??

  14. mary says:

    love to do a detox. have you got any suggestions on one at all. I am 61 years of age and like you would love an easy detox so I can start your delishes food recipes,can you help thanks

  15. Janina says:

    So you can have olive oil when detoxing? Good to know!

  16. sonja says:

    the kasha waited patiently for its recipe ….this is it! a great combination of textures…

    thank you Teresa….not a week goes by without me delving into your wealth of recipes….

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