Naked Chocolat Almond Mylk

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Stimulate your body with antioxidants, mineral rich cacao, carob, maca, cinnamon and pure vanilla bean. This potent blend provides sustained energy, supports the endocrine and immune systems and contributes to hormonal balance and optimal well being, and not only that; it tastes amazing too!

My Chocolat Almond Mylk takes just 5 minutes to make and what I love about it is that you can enjoy it ice cold as a quick pick me up vitality drink or as a warm and nourishing Hot Chocolat that will enliven the senses and heal the body, mind & soul.  You will notice that the ratio of almonds to water is 1:6 ….I like the lightness of this combination with the subtle hint of sweetness that comes from the dates and vanilla bean in the Naked Chocolat.

This recipe makes about 1  1/2 litres of purely delicious chocolate goodness.  I make a large batch and fill it into glass jars that I keep in the fridge.  If I want to enjoy my chocolate almond mylk HOT – I just pour 1 cup of  into a small pot and heat  gently on the stove until it’s lovely and warm – then savour the goodness.

What’s great about Chocolate Almond Mylk:
This is actually an amazing recovery drink that is bursting with antioxidants and essential minerals. Naked Chocolat is rich cacao, carob, maca, cinnamon and pure vanilla bean – ingredients that help to provide sustained energy and to support the endocrine and immune systems. Cacao is rich in magnesium and antioxidants that assist with muscle repair and recovery. Almonds are high in magnesium and potassium that is essential for muscle and nerve function.  They are also high in protein to promote recovery and support the immune system. Maca helps to promote energy and stamina and Tahitian vanilla and cinnamon helps boost mental performance. The Journal of Medicine and Sports Science says that consuming chocolate milk  immediately after exercise and again at 2 hrs post-exercise appears to be optimal for exercise recovery.

1 cup raw almonds
6 cups filtered pure water (use less water for a creamier mylk )
4 fresh pitted dates (adjust accordingly to your taste )
2 tablespoons Healthy Chef Naked Chocolat

Combine almonds, water, dates and Naked Chocolat into a high speed blender.
Blend for 30 seconds until smooth and creamy.
Strain through a muslin or a nut milk bag.
Pour into a glass jar and store in the fridge until needed.
Serve cold over ice or enjoy warm as the best Naked Hot Chocolat.




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20 Responses to “Naked Chocolat Almond Mylk”
  1. Sonia says:

    Thanks Teresa, this sounds like a great treat for the kids. I was just wondering what do you do with the remaining almond pulp after making the milk. Any suggestions or recipe ideas would be great, as I would hate this to go to waste.

    • Hi Sonia – I’ll be posting up a lovely recipe for chocolate almond macaroons very soon….but lots of things you can do…..healthy cookies, protein balls….chocolate cake are a few off the top of my head… T:) x

  2. Jane says:

    hello my question is ,would the raw almonds be better as activated almonds?

  3. Diamand says:

    Hi Teresa,
    Just wondering would you blanch the almonds first or no need to? ok with skins?
    Th, Diamand

  4. Steph says:

    Hi Teresa,
    I was wondering how long you’d recommend to keep this in the fridge for? Thanks

  5. Z says:

    Hi, I have recently purchased your Naked Chocolat and am going to make the almond milk today. I would also love your recipe for Chocolate Almond Macaroons if you are able to post it??

    Many thanks

  6. Sheridan says:

    Hi I have a couple of questions with regards to this recipe. Should you soak the almonds overnight first? And if adding the protein powder would you add it before blending or after it is strained? Thanks!

    • Hey Sheridan – you can soak the almonds if you like overnight – but the mylk is delicious weather you soak or don’t soak. Add protein just before blending with my Naked Chocolat then strain. T:) x

  7. Sara says:

    Just made this tonight, and wow, its simple & yummy!

    Thank you.

    Sara x

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