Christmas Pudding – My Healthy Chef Secret Recipe

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a traditional pudding.  I love the fragrant aroma of cinnamon, vanilla, orange and nutmeg infused into plump sun-dried fruits then finished off with a home made proper egg custard poured over the top.  This is a recipe I designed especially for YOU !  It features in the December issue of Women’s Fitness Magazine  and  it needed to fit into the healthy chef philosophy and be Purely Delicious !

For those who prefer a more traditional style of baked pudding, keep reading below – all bases are pretty much covered here.  Please keep an eye out for this Friday’s post on my purely delicious baked fruit cake.

My Christmas puddings only take 5 minutes to make.  What I love about them is that they’re so easy to make and you feel great after eating it, as it won’t bloat you out like traditional versions and they are gluten free too!. The dried fruit adds  sweetness and moisture, so you don’t need to add extra cane sugar or added fats like most traditional puddings. Almond meal adds protein, vitamin E + the good heart healthy mono-unsaturated oils which are anit-inflammatory to the body. They can be eaten warm topped with proper vanilla bean custard. or cold served with my lush mango coconut custard (see recipe below).

225g fresh pitted dates – approx 10 – 15  dates depending on their size
zest from 1 orange
250g organic dried apricots, chopped
150 g (1 ½ cups) almond meal / ground almonds
1  teaspoon vanilla bean paste or extract
1 tsp ground cinnamon
¼  tsp ground nutmeg
¼ tsp ground ginger
80 g white chocolate, melted for decoration – optional (please see other great topping ideas below)

Combine dates, orange zest, apricots, vanilla, ground almonds, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger in a food processor.
Process until mixture is combined and looks like fine crumbs.
Spoon mixture into a large bowl and add 1 – 2 tablespoons orange juice then mix again. Your pudding mix should come together in the hands when lightly squeezed.
Divide puddings into 6 small puddings. The best way to do this is to line the base of your desired mould with glad wrap and press the pudding mixture into it firmly.
Invert the pudding and remove the glad wrap. Repeat until all the puddings are formed.
Melt white chocolate in a small bowl that is set over a simmering pot of water.
Spoon a little white chocolate over the tops of the puddings if using and garnish. You can use goji berries, fresh cherries or anything you fancy. Alternatively omit the topping if you wish.
Arrange onto a serving plate and set aside until needed.
Store in the fridge for upto 2 weeks.
I love to make double the mix so I have extra for second helpings.
Serve puddings with cold mango coconut custard or  warm with proper vanilla bean custard.


Mango Coconut Custard
1 mango, chopped
1/2 cup coconut milk
Juice from ½ orange

Combine all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.
Serve chilled along side puddings.


1 Garnish with fresh red cherries or raspberries
2 Top with thick yoghurt in place of custard
3 Serve with sour cherry compote or smashed raspberries
4 As an alternative to white chocolate combine 100 g melted cacao butter with 100 ml coconut cream and 1 tablespoon maple syrup and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract.  Mix well and drizzle over the puddings then allow to set.


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58 Responses to “Christmas Pudding – My Healthy Chef Secret Recipe”
  1. Jo says:

    Looks delicious – do you have any suggestions for replacing the orange – for a family member who is allergic to oranges?

  2. Kelly says:

    Yay! Not waiting til Christmas though… :)

  3. Joanne says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Cant wait to try these. Just wondering if the baked version can be cooked in a pudding tin like a tradistional pudding, and if so, for how long?

    Thanks for converting Christmas to a healthy one.

  4. Emily says:

    these look wonderful (and fairly easy too)! question though…i’ll be making these for guests/family with nut allergies. is there anything i use in place of the almond meal?

  5. Ashlee says:

    How long will the no bake puddings last in the fridge?

  6. Sonja says:

    Hi Teresa

    When you say ‘whole orange’ do you mean the skin as well?


  7. Gina says:

    Hi Theresa, I don’t particularly like dates. Is there another food I could use instead
    Thanks Gina

    • Nicky says:

      Hi Teresa,
      Am I right in saying you recommended using prunes instead of dates in another of your recipes? Is that the same for this delicious recipe and if so is the quantity exchange 1:1? …PS my tummy is grumbling with anticipation as I write!

  8. Lyf says:

    Hi Teresa what moulds did you use in your photo? I want mine to exactly look like that for the raw version.

  9. Julie says:

    One word will describe these – YUM!
    They are amazing, thank you.

  10. Lesley says:

    Really lovely … and texture is just like Christmas pud! I used 1 tbsp each to make little balls to have with coffee. I used dried peaches instead of apricots, as I can’t eat apricots. Will add white choc next time!

    • Donna says:

      These puds sound absolutely delish but I am wondering how you cooked the small balls as I would love to do one batch of puds and one batch of balls this Christmas ;)

  11. Lisa Archer says:

    Hi Teresa, am making these mini puddings as Xmas gifts – can you advise what moulds you used in the photo version as they look amazing.

  12. Madeleine says:

    I made the raw Christmas puddings into little truffles/balls! Bite sized puds. They taste great!! The mixture made about 50 “truffles”
    Thanks again Teresa

  13. kate says:

    Hi teresa, just made these puddings for the family tonight! huge success! made the non bake version and was super quick and easy. tasted great, rich and dense and moist, but without being too sweet, heavy or sickening. complete guilt free pleasure! :) ps the mango coconut custard! everyones favorite!

  14. Sharon says:

    YUM, YUM, YUM, I made these over the weekend, they were absolutely yummy, and they wern’t heavy on the stomach. will be making these for xmas, thanks

  15. Ally says:

    Hi Teresa,
    The mango custard was so yummy! Thanks for the recipe in Women’s Fitness.
    We couldn’t wait until Christmas to try it out and it worked a treat in today’s sweltering summer weather. We will definitely be making it again to have with the puddings. :)

  16. Heather Buchler says:

    These are very very yummy and popular with my family. I used orange flower water instead of fresh orange juice, mainly because I wanted them to last longer – and they have! I think that the orange flower water gives it a wonderful fragrance and flavour.

  17. Tracey says:

    Just made these in bite size version with white chocolate and cherrie pieces on top. I put a few raisins in too. Thanks Teresa for a great recipe which is easy to make, healthy and delicious!

  18. Beck says:

    Hi Teresa!

    I’d love to make these for our family Christmas :). We have a coeliac and a severe nut allergic person; so spelt and almond meal won’t work. What do you think of coconut flour (my go to alternative) as a substitute? What volume would you suggest?

    Thanks for this awesome website! It’s a constant resource and I’m forever telling friends about it.

  19. Paula says:

    Hi Teresa, thank you so much for sharing your recipes. My whole family is healthier because of you. Do you think I could use fresh apricots instead of dried apricots in this recipe?

  20. kellyj says:

    So i’m in the middle of making this and have over mixed my mixture – way past the look of fine bread crumbs – what can i do to recover it? add more almond meal? its almost doughy now! Any thoughts? Please!!!

    • Ok no worries Kelly – it will be ok…just less chunky….make as per the directions….or form into mini truffle size puddings and roll in coconut if you like. You can also fold in chunks of walnut, coconut,dried berry to add a little texture into the pudding….these are awesome so well worth persisting….t:) x

  21. Coral says:

    Hi Teresa
    What fruit do you suggest using instead of apricots to make the puddings low FODMAP?
    Thanks, Coral

  22. Jo Cook says:

    i only have packet dates not fresh can i substitute and will i need to soak them first. These are going to be my christmas gifts to my gym

  23. Kathy says:

    Hi Teresa
    I am looking forward to making your Christmas Pudding (baked traditional version) this Christmas and am not sure where I need to use the 375ml of water. Does is go in with the dates and orange?
    Love all your recipes!!!

  24. Debbie says:

    Would love to try the cooked versions this year but will probably not have room in the oven to bake. Do you think they would be ok steamed instead? Many thanks :)

  25. Anghared finch says:

    I am about to try making your uncooked Christmas pudding and the cooked Christmas pudding. You say in the uncooked version, fresh pitted dates then in the cooked pitted dates…are these to be fresh too?
    Thanks, Anghared.

  26. Kristine says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Thankyou for the wonderful recipe! Looks delicious! Just wondering if I wanted to make 1 big pudding how many times would I double the recipe please?

  27. Anita Ruming says:

    Hi Theresa, do you have an alternative for the dates? I am fructose intolorent and not able to eat dates. These puddings look amazing!!


    • My best advice would be to make a lovely flourless orange cake with whole oranges and almond meal + a little maple syrup or stevia. That will be kinder to your digestive system if you’re fructose intolorent. You could also opt for fruit such as berries, melon, pineapple, passionfruit, papaya, orange as a lovely wellness platter for dessert and serve with lush macadamia nut cream. :) x

  28. Tess says:

    I just made this recipe but instead of puddings I formed them into little Christmas Bliss Balls which I coated with coconut. They’re awesome, thanks for the recipe Teresa!

  29. Liz says:

    Merry Xmas Teresa,

    I need your help, I want to use a Xmas themed cookie cutter to make some gifts, can you recommend any of your amazing cookie recipes that I could roll out and use the cutter ?? Please help
    X Liz

  30. Holly says:

    Hi Teresa,
    Been a huge fan of your blog for years. I’m making this pudding (the baked) one for my boyfriends family. I’m sure they’ll love it and I’m trying to show them they can eat healthier and not miss out on taste. I’m trying to be organised and make these while I have some spare time. Can I make these now and store them in the fridge (a week) until christmas day? I know your Christmas cake can be kept in the fridge for a month but is it the same for the puddings?
    keep up the great work, always inspiring
    H x

  31. Susanna says:

    I made these (uncooked version) but used the mixture to make fruit bars which I then put in the food drier. Applause all round family even the little ones. Just roll out the mixture to approx 3/5mm thickness using extra almond meal if too sticky and cut out into bars, place in food drier overnight.

  32. Sally says:

    I made the raw version tonight and they are truly delicious. They took no time at all to make too. I will definitely be making these all year round!

  33. Jane says:

    I made 19 of the uncooked puddings for Christmas. I froze them and defrosted them on Christmas morning. After the main meal I warmed them all in the microwave. They were a huge hit! 4 guests were gluten intolerant but everyone loved them!
    Thank you,

  34. Glenda says:

    Hi Teresa, these puddings are divine. Can you please tell me what food processor do you use for this recipe and similar? I have a Vitamix (wet jug only) and a stick blender. I could only do very small portions with the stick blender and thought it’d be too dry fir the wet jug. Thanks – for this help and for being such an inspiration! Glenda

  35. Chelsea says:

    Hi Teresa .. I love what you do and support your crusade for healthier eating :)
    Just wondering if you can freeze the mini christmas puddings before applying the chocolate icing and then defrost and top with chocolate the day before serving?

    Many thanks

  36. Anghared says:

    Hi, I cannot find the baked version of the healthy Christmas Pudding which I made December 2013… the boyfriend and I loved it. I also made the nonbake version as Christmas pudding balls. I enjoyed the slight difference in taste..You suggest that it is ‘below’ but is! Thanks, Anghared.

  37. Robyn says:

    These are beautiful! Thank you for the recipe. Merry Christmas to you and your family xx

  38. Cristina says:

    Hi Teresa, I made the raw version for my family for Christmas day and they all loved it, including the kids. They’re so deliciously moist and full of flavour. Yum!!

  39. Samantha says:

    These are my favourite!
    thanks for the email reminder about them, can not wait to make them this Christmas!

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